I am a joy junky. I look for it in books, magazines, movies and deep, meaningful conversations. Last night I watched the movie Joy which is loosely based on true story and book called “Inventing Joy”.

The movie shares the story of Joy Mangano who invented the self-ringing mop. If you are in the business world and haven’t watched it you should. Joy’s courage, strength and resilience (in the low days of her life when she nearly lost everything) will make you think about how you face adversity. It can be easy to give up if you life isn’t grounded in purpose. Joy believed in the purpose of her product and would not give up. I think we call can benefit from rituals and exercises that connect us to the purpose in our life. Happiness is something we all strive for but guess what – nabbing that big promotion or building that dream kitchen won’t bring you more happiness. What does? Connecting to everyday pleasures and purpose in your life.

So get ready to spark some joy and
meaning in your life with this daily ritual:

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Pursue Meaning, Not Happiness

“Paradoxically, studies have shown that people who have happiness as a goal tend to be less happy,” says Susan David, PhD, the author of Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life. In 2012, for instance, researchers reported on two studies that showed that wanting to be happy made people lonelier, possibly because striving to elevate your own joy can damage your connection with others. Also, a single-minded focus on positivity may leave you ill-equipped to cope with setbacks and heartbreak, an inevitable part of life.

To avoid that trap, allow happiness to bubble up naturally by pursuing activities that dovetail with your values. “Having a strong sense of what matters to you and letting your values guide your actions can lead to greater happiness,” notes David, who is also a psychologist at Harvard Medical School.

To zero in on what you hold sacred, ask yourself, “What relationships do I want to build? What do I want my life to be about? If this were my last day on earth, how would I act to make it a great one?”

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[highlight]3 Questions to Ask Every Morning[/highlight]

TRY THIS: Start each day by setting an intention—a mini road map for the next 16 or so hours, suggests Mallika Chopra, who grew up with this practice as the daughter of Deepak Chopra. It helps you set the tone for your own day.

1. What Will Make Me Feel Healthy Today?

“Nurturing our bodies helps our minds feel better,” says Chopra. “Pick one little thing you can do today, like going for a lunchtime walk, that will be good for you.”

2. What Will Make Me Feel Connected Today?

Our relationships with the people we care about bring a deep sense of joy, so think of one way you can connect, suggests Chopra—it could be as simple as doing something special with your child.

3. What Will Give Me a Sense of Purpose Today?

Serve as a mentor by checking in with a younger colleague, or drop off clothes at Goodwill. “Doing one small thing of value is surprisingly uplifting,” notes Chopra.

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