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For over ten successful years, Women in Biz Network has helped business owners and professionals to connect, share and grow in their business lives. We support local women’s charities and believe giving back to our community is an important part of what makes our organization special. With supportive mentors, advice and online tools, Women in Biz Network is Canada’s trusted network (with global influence) for mentorship and career growth. We offer a lifetime of guidance to build a thriving business and career.

Our Mission: We focus on helping women to be happier, healthier and less isolated while increasing their success through mentorship, advocacy, skill-building events, and training. We have been changing lives for over 10 years and are a community of 35,000 thriving women.

Women in Biz Network have been featured in national media in North America including the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, CBC News, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Global News, Chatelaine Magazine, just to name a few. We are a community of over 35,000 women including internationally recognized celebrity speakers and influencers.

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Our promise to you:

We will help you grow your brand and thrive as a leader with meaningful connections and support over the lifetime of your business or career.

About Women in Biz Network

Women in Biz Network is Canada’s leading organization for empowering women through a variety of online and in-person programs for women. Women in Biz Network provides resources and connects professional and entrepreneurial women with mentors, coaches and other trusted support services. We have an array of tools for helping women to succeed in their career, business and life. Since 2010, Women in Biz Network has mentored over 2,600 women and have supported over 35,000 leaders and change-makers. Women in Biz Network also provides marketing, events, and professional consulting services. For more information go to and connect with us on social media at @womenbiznetwork.

Who benefits from a lifetime membership and why bother? 

  • You are a business owner or career professional who needs to grow as a leader and you value lifelong leadership, networking connections and career development
  • You need a one on one mentor and have the time to wait for the right one through our program (generally placed within the first year but there isn’t a guarantee)
  • You want a tailor-made membership experience with extra perks – you are busy but know that you need to focus on you to get the results you want
  • You want to get involved with a dynamic women’s business community and are committed to being a contributing member (gaining credibility and becoming better known as result of your contribution and involvement)
  • You want to network beyond one year and don’t want to keep auto-renewing your membership where you get fewer perks – you’d rather keep getting introduced to the right people throughout your business life
  • You save the most money and get the most perks from day one – the lifetime membership holds you accountable to keep investing in your business and professional life. As you grow will continue to be there for you at no additional charge! 

Top Reasons to Become a Lifetime Member:

  1. MENTOR MATCH: You will complete an application for a mentor, followed up with an interview to match you with a suitable and inspiring mentor for a duration of six months. (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)
  2. ONE ON ONE SUPPORT: 1-hour deep dive coaching session available to make the most out of your membership ONLY IN LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ($200 value)
  3. GROUP MASTERMIND: Free monthly Thrive mastermind and mentoring circle for members only with access to 6 mentors (Career, Transformation, HR, Leadership, Financial, Marketing, Business). A quarterly portion of events will be in-person in a beautiful boardroom (Toronto).  There is a small fee for the in-person sessions.
  4. MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION: We will feature you in a fabulous editorial piece that will be promoted in our newsletter and through social media promotion. (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)
  5. GET INTERVIEWED ON OUR PODCAST: We will interview you for our Podcast with plenty of social media promotion, this is also delivered to our newsletter subscribers. (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)
  6. SEO RICH BUSINESS DIRECTORY LISTING: Our website site is highly ranked on Google making our business directory a great way to be found by business area type and also by your name.
  7. SUBMIT EVENTS & CONTENT: Get known as an expert! Members can submit events and advice to our website with one click. (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)
  8. SAVINGS:  Members have access to a variety of discounts and savings. There is a health benefit plan for members to join as well as discounts on events and business/marketing services.
  9. COACHING: Get clarity, marketing and personal branding support/advice for you and or your business at 25% off. 
  10. LIFETIME ACCESS TO LEARNING TOOLS: Access to video online and printable lesson plans, presentations, templates, and tools to help you grow your business (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)
  11. REFERRALS/CONNECTIONS/ADVICE: Get all the referrals you need and we refer you as well. Call us or utilize our Private Facebook Group.
  12. FREE OR DISCOUNTED EVENTS/CONFERENCES FROM PARTNERS:  Lifetime members are offered access to these events first. (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)
  13. MEDIA INTERVIEWS: National media reaches out to Women in Biz Network from time to time looking for professionals and business owners to interview. We refer these opportunities to lifetime members first because we generally know these members more intimately. (ONLY IN THE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP)


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