Online Master Class: Designing a Career and Business that works Best for You





Masterclass Description

 Imagine a life where you enjoy getting out of bed every morning and getting to work knowing that you will have financial freedom, happiness, and career satisfaction. Are you currently looking at changing careers, or just started a business? This class is for you. Perhaps you have had a business for many years but feel tired, burned out and wondering if it all worth it? We are here to help you take stock, pivot perhaps and plan for more satisfaction and enjoyment in your life. RIGHT NOW. We will ponder:

  • What do I need and want from life?
  • How can my business or career help me achieve that?
  • What would such a company or career look like?
  • An action plan to get started towards a happier and more productive you (saving time and energy)
  • How to brand yourself on Linkedin
  • Includes articles, worksheet, videos, and a 20% discount to Join Women in Biz Network 


  • MODULE 1- Do the Research
  •  MODULE 2 – How to Get What You Want
  •  MODULE 2 A – Getting the Support You Need
  •  MODULE 2B – Dealing with Overwhelm – For Business Owners
  •  MODULE 2C – Scripts for Saying No & Time Management
  •  Module 2D- Ten Lessons about Career, Family and Legacy Success
  •  MODULE 3 – What Careers Suit Me?
  •  MODULE 4 – Action Plan Time
  •  MODULE 4A- Thriving Under Pressure
  •  MODULE 5 -Brand the Hell Out of Yourself
  •  MODULE 5 – Special Guide for Business Owners
  •  MODULE 5A – Maximizing Your Presence on Linkedin
  •  MODULE 5B – Linkedin for Business
  •  Post a question or comment on our forum
  • Includes articles, videos, and a 20% discount to Join Women in Biz Network



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