Slowing down is something I both hate and yet crave. Pausing can bring up feelings or problems I don’t want to face but ignoring them only leads to prolonged pain.

Slowing down and taking a pause takes discipline and a calm level head. I don’t always have that approach readily available but more often than not I know the pause is the only way forward to a life worth living.

Pausing can be done in many ways:

  1. Pausing before responding to a loved one, boss or friend – it gives the opportunity to find the right win-win approach that can only be accessed when you have taken a step back from the heat of a moment.
  2. Pausing to figure out how to respond in a moral or ethical challenge can lead to values-based actions and resolutions.
  3. Pausing before taking on the next challenge or job is also important so that we don’t jump into the next opportunity reactively or out of fear.
  4. Pausing to clear the head can help us find the answer to a problem that obsessing over doesn’t solve.
  5. Pausing for self-care or a moment of sanity can create better outcomes and decisions.
  6. Pausing to appreciate what really matters can give us more clarity and extra time for what we really care about.
  7. Pausing to be in the moment and enjoying something for the pure joy of it and then resisting the need to share the moment (thereby breaking the joy) on social media.
  8. Pausing in a stressful moment and taking 5 deep breaths or even a deeper pause for meditation can bring us the energy and peace of mind we need to move forward.
  9. Pausing to appreciate who you are and what you have accomplished can give us the strength and courage to try something new.
  10. Pausing to write out how we feel or listing our worries can save us from a restless night.
  11. Pausing to stop and tell someone how you feel could save a fight or misunderstanding or lead to relief that you took the time to tell someone they mattered before it’s too late.

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Pausing can help us find or validate our values and the time to reflect on how to move forward in a way that feels right. I hope you have time to pause today. Pausing will help you find your true nature and voice to your values.

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