Women in Biz Network (WIBN) is known for leveling up leadership, business, and career success of professional and entrepreneurial women with results-based mentorship and peer-to-peer coaching.  Programs and services include a prominent advisory board of 12+ mentors ready to service the WIBN Community. In 2020, WIBN launched a vetted career board where employers looking to share their progressive job opportunities are coached on the pillars of advancing gender equality.  Each WIBN client is also provided with an overview of inclusive hiring practices. With a strong demand to support diversity and inclusion in workplaces a sister company, Bee Happy HR – Your Diverse Talent Hive was created by founder Leigh Mitchell to meet the needs of HR and business communities with diversity-driven employer branding and recruitment services. Clients report success with increasing a sense of belonging within their workplaces resulting in profitable, happy, and engaged workforces powering our global and local economies. Connect with us at #beehappyhr and #womenbiznetwork across your favourite social media channels. Book a discovery call with myself or Sara Bibb via our online booking calendar. 

Ten tips to promote inclusive hiring and enhanced belonging in your workforce

  1. Follow inclusive hiring practices such as providing salary bands (with a fair and progressive salary that matches the requirements/education needed in the position), work benefits, and providing hiring accommodations where required.
  2. Demonstrate executive leadership commitment to gender equality and diversity at all levels of your organization.
  3. Create a sense of belonging for under-represented workers who may feel alone in their workplace and recognize where unconscious bias might be influencing decisions. Work to fix these challenges. Don’t give up.
  4. Develop a strong female hiring pipeline from early career to executive level.
  5. Encourage, value, and supports flexible working arrangements.
  6. Provide fair and accessible formal and informal avenues to address any concerns of discrimination.
  7. Enhance opportunities for women’s inclusion from the supply chain through to decision-making at all levels.
  8. Follow the “see it to believe it” approach and ensure branding, marketing, and communications are consistently free from bias and enhance a sense of belonging, especially for those who are frequently under-represented (BIPOC).
  9. Look for opportunities to increase external support of women’s advancement by networking and promoting your employment opportunities where diverse communities live, work, and play (Especially by sharing to diverse networks).
  10. Carefully plan and monitor progress and outcomes from your equality initiatives and activities and set goals to improve results each year.

Featured positions from the Women in Biz Network Vetted Career Board