Does your marketing need some heart & soul?

The power of passionate, heartfelt marketing.

Ultimately, mission-based marketing ends up attracting people who care about your mission. Why not give your community and your marketing some strategy with heart and soul? The benefit? You have passion and purpose for your business that will keep you moving and growing.  Keep reading to find out how this 9-month program will transform your business, give you confidence, and help you feel good about business again!

Interested in joining a supportive community?

What we offer: Career, business, and mentoring resources for purpose driven, mindful women to thrive in business and life.  Our Mission: To increase the overall well-being and financial success of Canadian business women through mentorship, advocacy, mindful business building activities, and skill-building events. We are a community of 35,000 and growing strong! We have 2,000 paid members. Learn more now

You're in good company...

Strong, supportive, and Thriving Network!

Joining WIBN has proven invaluable for my business! Not only do I have abundant opportunities to gain visibility in front of my ideal clients, but I’ve received numerous referrals. When it comes to making lasting connections, Leigh Mitchell has that “magic touch”. I recommend becoming a WIBN member to anyone who is looking to boost their business through being a part of a strong, supportive, and thriving network! 

Solve any Challenge you are Facing – Personally or Professionally!

I had the pleasure of meeting Leigh in the fall of 2016 when a mutual friend introduced me to WIBN and the Thriving Mentor Mastermind Meetings. I became a WIBN member and money mentor for the mastermind group and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Leigh has a wonderful energy about her and in every interaction, you can see her focus and dedication to creating the best member experience. If you are a woman in biz, I recommend checking out WIBN and attending a Thriving Mentor Mastermind Meeting to experience this first hand. You will walk away with a sense of community, connectedness and as much help as you want to solve any challenge you are facing – personally or professionally!

Best Decision I ever Made!

My corporate membership to WIBN has been on of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After consultations with Leigh Mitchell, my brand connects with my target market more effectively. I can confidently say that WIBN offers unique and valuable events and trainers. I have gained so much from being a part of this great network


Your commitment to lifting women up shines through in everything you do — from how well you organize events, to how you use your own life & work story to inspire so many. Working with Women in Biz Network is always a pleasure.

In the news...

Meet the team

Leigh Mitchell

Founder, Marketer & Educator

With a natural talent for building thriving communities, Leigh took her business from a handful of women in her neighbourhood to a national network of over 35,000 women across Canada in seven short years! Now you can work with Leigh one on one to learn the secrets to her success and apply her strategies to grow a thriving community of your own! Book a 1/2 hour exploration session to discuss your project.

  • Email Leigh Mitchell
  • Tel: 416-993-2083

Emily Antflick, Chief Community Cultivator & WIBN Collaborator

Collaborator Partner

Emily Rose Antflick is the founder of  Shecosystem Coworking and Wellness. Her work stems from a feminine paradigm that values collaboration, emotional authenticity, and work-life integration.

She founded Shecosystem to hold space for women to work in integrity, nurture their personal and professional wellbeing and connect with a positive community.


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