Women in Biz Network Mentorship Options, Programs and Services for Women

For over ten successful years, Women in Biz Network has helped business owners and professionals to connect, share and grow in their business lives. We are Canada’s trusted network (with global influence) for mentorship and career growth. We have programs and memberships to expand your network, access experienced mentors and grow your leadership skills.


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About You

As a busy, talented and mission-driven professional woman we know your time is precious. You can expect us to connect you with like-minded women who will inspire, encourage and help you prioritize what really matters. We will help you grow opportunities, gain wisdom, feel valued, and give you the tools to thrive.

Who would benefit from working with us

  • Women in transition
  • Business owners and freelancers
  • Professional women looking to network and find mentors

We take all of this into consideration and guide you through a holistic approach to accomplishing your goals and living your best life.

How we are different

We look at the whole entrepreneur and professional woman. We provide mentorship through a mentoring circle of eight women (Business, Sales, Transformation, Career, HR, Financial Well-being, Marketing, Branding, and Career). We know our community members function best when personal and business values are in alignment. We help to educate and assist with prioritization of the following areas:

  • Health
  • Financial well-being
  • Career/business success
  • A sense of belonging and giving back
  • Leadership and learning

Giving back

  • Women in Biz Network runs like a social enterprise. We passionately believe we are here to make a difference. We try our best to give and support women. Whether it is donating memberships, group volunteering or donating time to charities and not for profits.  We work with the following organizations UGO Travel for Change, Abuse Hurts, HerVolution and Canadian Women’s Foundation just to name a few. Learn more here.

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