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I have been challenging myself to have the confidence and the focus to live my life with more intention.  So I designed the Daily Thrive Planner that you can print out and plan your day with you and your thrive in mind. (Free Download. Grab it by subscribing below.)

Late artist Georgia O’Keeffe has a quote that I just love

'To create one's world takes courage' -Georgia O'KeeffeClick To Tweet

It is absolutely true – as women we live in constant fear of disappointing others – letting them down by not being good enough. But what about letting ourselves down.  Managing your priorities to craft the life you want and deserve is truly thriving. I hope these resources help you achieve this.

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About Women in Biz Network

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703 Bloor Street West (201) Toronto, ON

What we offer: Career, business, and mentoring resources for purpose driven, mindful women to thrive in business and life. 

Our Mission: To make women in Canada feel happier, healthier and less isolated while increasing their well-being and financial success through mentorship, advocacy, mindful business building activities, and skill-building events. We are a community of 35,000 and growing strong! We have 2,000 paid members.


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