“Heart & Soul” Passionate Marketing to REFUEL your Business Formula

$97.00 / month for 9 months

Who cares about the what. We care about the why. Here at WIBN we focus on mission-based marketing to create/engage community, content, programs, and services that further the purpose of our collective passionate stakeholders.

Once we started marketing around our mission our business exploded, we stood out and we grew a community to 35,000 in 7 years!

The power of passionate, heartfelt marketing.

Ultimately, mission-based marketing ends up attracting people who care about your mission. Why not give your community and your marketing some strategy with heart and soul? The benefit? You have passion and purpose for your business that will keep you moving and growing.  Keep reading to find out how this 9-month program will transform your business, give you confidence, and help you feel good about business again! READ ABOUT OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE BELOW!




CURRENT WIBN Members can sign up for this class at $50 off per month – ask us for the code. Email leigh@womeninbiznetwork.com

This system will take you through the fundamentals of engaging your community and introduction to potential stakeholders/partners/collaborators – learn at your own pace – re-watch if you need to refresh your memory.


It includes a money back guarantee – if you complete all lesson plans over 9 months and find it wasn’t helpful.

We will refund your money within 6 weeks. You need to show proof that you completed the lesson plans/worksheets and request a refund within a week of the 9 months.

 Learn at your own pace and access to a  marketing coach/mentor/cheerleader for 9 months!

  • Lifetime access to the templates and tools (if you complete the 9 months)


  • Service based businesses – This system was designed specifically with the following type of professions in mind: Health Practitioners, Personal Trainers,  Real Estate Agents, Interior Designers, Home Organizers, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Advisors, Photographers, etc.
  • Fabulous for online or in-person businesses (options /ideas provided for both)
  • Don’t do or want to do your marketing? Send your talented assistant through the program.  I guarantee that by the time you or your assistant completes this course your marketing and impact will SKYROCKET!

Why am I doing this?

  • I am a marketing consultant who cares deeply about those that I work with. I want to give them the world and make their life easier. However, doing this one on one isn’t sustainable. For one, many can’t afford the hours required to get their marketing up to speed (I charge $125 an hour) so now I can give you everything I possibly could but over 9 months you can learn without experience burnout or overwhelm!

Self Directed Learning Schedule 

  • Month 1 – Introduction to Heart & Soul Marketing – What it is, what it isn’t and how it relates to service based businesses
    • We will look at how to develop a niche market and get up close and personal with your customers so they will love you
    • Development of a mission statement
  • Month 2 – BLOG BABY BLOG! How to create a content strategy blog (video, podcast, written ideas/considerations) that will increase your search engine optimization and help you to better engage with your perspective and current customers including ideas on how to build your email list
  • Month 3 – Marketing budget planning (comparison charts provided with – no cost, low cost and average cost options)
  • Month 4Develop your marketing plan
  • Month 5 –  SOCIAL MEDIA RESCUE! How to automize your social media without sacrificing personalization, heart, and soul


BONUS TRAINING!  E-commerce solutions for you! Side by side comparison of options available for your online business.

  • Month 6 – Amplify your Brand &  Find your Authentic Voice: Better understand what your brand is, and how to build a following  through public speaking and attending networking events
  • Month 7 – Pretty Sweet PR Plan – How to develop media strategy with instructions to create press releases to attract media attention
  • Month 8 –  GROW Baby GROW! How to grow your present social media with step by step success secrets – tools/apps included
  • Month 9 – Partner with me? How to approach develop strategic partners/collaborators
  • SUPPORT – Weekly and monthly check-in will be provided in our private Facebook group (Clarity Class Members ONLY) – LIVE (Dates to be given)

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Complete an audit of your communication and growth plan
  • E-Commerce ideas at various price points
  • Developed a written mission for your business that will give you clarity and confidence on how you are serving your audience
  • Narrow down a niche to market to and partners/stakeholders to engage with
  • Breakdown and learn which marketing/social media tools in order to engage your audience
  • Develop an editorial theme plan for the year
  • Develop a communication plan for the year to engage your audience
  • Create a 90-day task builder to implement the plan’s tactics above
  • Understand financial considerations and implications of your marketing plan – providing no budget, low budget, and average budget options.

The course will address the following pain points 

  • Marketing overwhelm
  • Lack of sales, how to address it and what to do to conquer your fears
  • How to read your customer’s needs on the fly

Tools you will get

  • Social media, press release and communications templates with instructions included
  • Website templates
  • E-Commerce ideas at various price points
  • A whole lotta free apps and tools that I use!
  • 9-month action plan worksheet
  • Step by step presentation video-based instruction for each month
  • Mission statement worksheet
  • Social marketing worksheet
  • Marketing editorial calendar template for the year with instructions on how to complete
  • Accountability and advice on how to approach potential collaborators
  • Much more!
  • Investment: $97 (Includes WIBN Membership ) – paid monthly for 9 months – when you complete your 9 months you will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the materials. 

VALUE: $1800 + $450 of lifetime WIBN Membership (plus you get lifetime access to these tools/files/Clarity Class community)

About your Instructor:

Leigh Mitchell is the founder of Women in Biz Network and Thrive in Canada. With a natural talent for building thriving communities, Leigh took her business from a handful of women in her neighbourhood to a national network of over 35,000 women across Canada in seven short years! Now you can work with Leigh one on one to learn the secrets to her success and apply her strategies to grow a thriving community of your own! 

Leigh has successfully worked with professional women and business owners, along with major brands such as GM Canada, Microsoft Canada, TELUS, Johnson & Johnson, Maple Leaf Foods, TD Canada Trust, Staples Canada and Penguin Random House Canada. She has been featured on CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living Magazine, Wall Street Journal and in other local media as well as a featured speaker at numerous industry events.

Leigh works to create unique experiences for clients. Working with complete transparency. She is honest, kind, and supportive and will make the process fun.

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