Laurie Goodman is the sole proprietor of Laurie Goodman Photography. Laurie wasn’t always a professional photographer; despite the fact she was inspired by her father’s candid photography as a child. Following high school, Laurie went to Queen’s University to become a primary teacher…after the birth of her 3 boys, her love of photography was reborn. While living and learning through life alongside her children in a self-directed manner and thousands and thousands of photos taken…Laurie discovered that she found photography to be a heart-pumping, self-defining creative process and outlet. Laurie is currently known for her emotive, candid portraiture, as a mentor and as founder of the Life MessagesTM Movement. She has self-published two Life MessagesTM books within one year and received awards in the area of Arts & Culture and the Milton Chamber of Commerce, Citizen of the Year for 2014. Her work with Life MessagesTM has lead to charitable work with Girls Inc., of Halton, Mighty Girls Inc., workshops and professional speaking engagements. Laurie Goodman Photography works out of a loft-studio space in Campbellville, Ontario. She believes that, ‘we all have stories..we all have a voice’ and asks, ‘life messages…what’s yours?’

How can your experience or your business help fellow conference attendees?

Laurie Goodman Photography encourages all people to share heartfelt personal life lessons through their own words and portraiture. I will share my experiences with Life MessagesTM and provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about my next book project which is all about leaders in business who make a difference!

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

I hope to learn and be inspired!
I hope to make connections with like-minded people and meet prospective people for my next book: Life MessagesTM: The Entrepreneur’s Heart!
I hope that I will be surprised.
I hope to be galvanized to be more, to do more!LGP

What do you think is our greatest social problem today? Any suggestions to solve it?

I think some of our greatest social problems are: lack of inclusion, equality and tolerance. Through my business, I aim to help ALL people give a voice to their lessons which benefits the life messenger, the reader of the life message and helps us to understand that we are not alone AND that really, we are all human and should be treated and respected as such.

What is the most inspiring book you have read?

Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life by Natalie Goldberg

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Laurie Goodman is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

About the #SocialforGood Conference

If you are a socially conscious individual, entrepreneur, corporation or non-profit organization you can’t afford to miss this conference! Please join us for two days that will evoke conversation, initiate ideas and inspire creative solutions to spread social good in your community and workplace.

#SocialforGood will have you dive deeper then you ever have before and will address:

  • What a #socialforgood movement is and why it even matters
  • Can a business really make a profit while doing something that makes a difference? Yes! Learn how!
  • Ideas and beliefs by change makers and sought after experts.
  • We will explore why investing in women is the world best social strategy
  • Creative solutions to inspire change in your life, workplace and business
  • How to Bring Authenticity and Integrity to Your Business
  • How Creating your Business Creates a Whole New You
  • How to raise money for your social business or cause
  • The best ways to spread your message: Video, podcasts, public speaking, social media and more