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Sharon Vinderine is the Founder of Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA), where over 100,000 parents come on a monthly basis to make purchasing decisions for their family.

PTPA was started after Vinderine, an inventor of a baby product, was looking for ways to promote one of her new products. After submitting her new product to several “awards” that had promised to reach her consumer audience, she was disappointed to find that everyone who applied was an automatic winner – receiving no feedback or outreach. This prompted the creation of The Parent Tested Parent Approved Awards.

PTPA is based on the foundation that people want the highest quality products for their families. What better way to ensure that your child is getting the best products than by having fellow parents tests them?

As a leader in her field, Vinderine has been acknowledged by the media as an industry leader and innovator. Vinderine has been recommended as a “top notch Entrepreneur with tremendous smarts”. She has appeared on over 130 morning shows on TV networks including ABC, NBC, CNN and the Fox News Network. Vinderine was a contributor on HLN’s Raising America and has been invited to feature PTPA winning products on shows such as The Rachael Ray Show, The Steve Harvey Show, Fox and Friends, KTLA, WPIX, FOX, Global, and Lang and O’Leary in Toronto.

Before venturing into the world of baby products, Vinderine was the founder of the first wireless Internet company in Canada, MIPPS Net Online which was ranked as one of “Canada’s Hottest Start Ups” by Profit Magazine and was later sold to Primus Telecommunications.

Vinderine received her Double Honours degree from York University in Toronto and continues leading her two successful companies – PTPA Media and Small Made Simple — from Toronto. She resides in Toronto with her husband and two children, aged 8 and 10 respectively.

How can your experience or your business help fellow conference attendees?

As a serial entrepreneur, I feel that all of the bumps (or sometimes potholes) in the road have helped me learn how to navigate many of the challenges that new entrepreneurs are facing.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

I hope to be able to impart some knowledge through the mentoring process based on my previous and current experience with PTPA Media.logoJune-mini

What do you think is our greatest social problem today? Any suggestions to solve it?

We are too digitally social and there is not enough focus anymore on building face to face relationships because they seem to require too much effort.

What is the most inspiring book you have read?

Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson. It’s amazing to look at him now and see how truly astonishing a business man he really is, based on all of the businesses failures he had prior to getting to where he is today. He was a risk taker and everything he has today was a result of tenacity.

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Sharon Vinderine is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

About the #SocialforGood Conference

If you are a socially conscious individual, entrepreneur, corporation or non-profit organization you can’t afford to miss this conference! Please join us for two days that will evoke conversation, initiate ideas and inspire creative solutions to spread social good in your community and workplace.

#SocialforGood will have you dive deeper then you ever have before and will address:

  • What a #socialforgood movement is and why it even matters
  • Can a business really make a profit while doing something that makes a difference? Yes! Learn how!
  • Ideas and beliefs by change makers and sought after experts.
  • We will explore why investing in women is the world best social strategy
  • Creative solutions to inspire change in your life, workplace and business
  • How to Bring Authenticity and Integrity to Your Business
  • How Creating your Business Creates a Whole New You
  • How to raise money for your social business or cause
  • The best ways to spread your message: Video, podcasts, public speaking, social media and more