Resources from this Mentor Circle Play Back:

Theme: Level Up Your Leadership with courage, confidence, and compassion

Our mentor Jill Valentine will provide us with some ideas and exercises that will help us with our confidence as leaders.

FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH AT 1 PM EST – 2:30 PM Take place every first Tuesday of the month and are included with your Women in Biz Network membership.

What to Expect:

Practical, mindful leadership with results-oriented action plans to help you make better decisions with the strength of a team of advisors ready to support you with meaningful mentorship.

You Will Receive:

  • Confidential career and business advice
  • Opportunities to brainstorm with mentors (see below) and your fellow members
  • Accountability partner that will follow up with you later in the month
  • The collective advice of the group to tackle your challenges Opportunity to work on your projects in a supportive group environment
  • Support and advice to balance your well-being, happiness, and health coupled with your business life Access to our mentor support group (Private Facebook Group)

About This Month’s Mentor:

Jill Valentine is the co-founder of UGO Impact and founder of Dare to be a Dandelion.  She is a leading Transformative Travel & Impact Coach who harnesses the innate power of travel and volunteerism to create and inspire Changemakers around the globe. Leveraging her skills as a transformation coach and extensive background in the local and global charity/non-profit arena, she’s the creator of ‘The UGO Method for

Change Model’ helping current and aspiring changemakers create profound personal and global change.   A passionate humanitarian, volunteerism specialist, disability sport consultant, and world traveller, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”

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