Join us on the world’s premier transformative travel program, Women in Biz Network community members save

Join us on the world’s premier transformative travel program, Women in Biz Network community members save


Create profound change in your life and your world with our transformative 3-month program that includes an immersive
2-week experience abroad in Tanzania.

  • Updated Full Coaching Program: Jan – March 2022 led by our Women in Biz Network Mentor Jill Valentine
  • Volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania, and Mount Kilimanjaro: Feb 12 – 27, 2022


Women in Biz Network’s Founder Leigh Mitchell participated in a personal development program a couple of years ago that included volunteering abroad in Costa Rica.

It was a truly transformative experience that helped me learn a ton about myself, I bonded with the most amazing people, and I gained the confidence and courage to live my life more true to myself.  This was a life-changing experience for me and I would love for you to be able to experience it as well.

Leigh Mitchell 

The incredible leaders of UGO Impact, Jill and Nicole, are running their signature Travel for Change program at the end of this year and I thought it might be something you would benefit from and enjoy.  Here’s the link to the program, Courage, Community, Kilimanjaro, so you can check it out. Women in Biz Network (WIBN) community members will receive a discount, so if you apply be sure to mention WIBN on the application.



About The Author

Leigh Mitchell

Leigh Mitchell is a Brand and HR Strategist who loves tapping into your brilliance through her company Bee Happy HR Co. She often works with professional and entrepreneurial women, HR departments, and national corporations who want creative, clear, and story-based HR strategies coupled with impactful positioning. Leigh is also the founder of Women in Biz Network, she coaches clients, speaks with interesting guests on her Time to Thrive Podcast, curates mentorship initiatives, promotes Women in Biz Network's diversity-driven career board, and delivers skill-building events to a variety of audiences. Throughout her career, Leigh has worked with brands such as Microsoft Canada, TELUS, TD Canada Trust, Staples Canada, and Chevrolet Canada. Leigh has been featured in the CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Wall Street Journal, and a speaker at numerous industry events. Connect with Leigh on all your favourite social media platforms @womenbiznetwork

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