@WomenBizNetwork Member Spotlight: Kristine Quan from CFMS Consulting Inc.

Kristine Quan has a fine arts background and has studied at both York University and the Ontario College of Art and Design. She made the move to the world of engineering in 1997, when she joined the St. Michael’s Hospital engineering department as an assistant to the Director of Engineering and Plant Services. She worked in the engineering department for over two years before taking a sabbatical to raise her two boys. Throughout this time, Kristine continued to help at St. Michael’s Hospital – and she also joined the CFMS team to provide occasional project assistance.

In 2006, Kristine became a full-time member of the CFMS team where she has been involved with all aspects of CFMS’ business. In addition to managing the administration and marketing departments at CFMS, Kristine has also assisted with several other projects including field varification, accounting and human resources.

Since joining CFMS, Kristine has completed continuing education studies at George Brown College, Ryerson University, and the University of British Columbia.

Kristine plays a key role at CFMS and her attention to detail and dedication along with ability to multi-task is a huge asset to the CFMS team.

Additionally, Kristine is a mom to two teenage boys who have kept her busy over the years. Between them, her partner, and their 3 dogs, there is rarely a dull moment. Kristine and family share a love of travel and adventure. When taking a break, reading is her favourite outlet.

Kristine has recently been published by the Globe & Mail with a piece entitled “The day I met my birth mother was the best day of my life

Fun facts:
-I have stamp and coin collections.
-I still miss my Grandma’s chocolate cake.
-I am terrified of wasps, so intensely that while meeting my birth father’s family for the first time at a bbq, when I wasp flew around me, I simply threw my plate in the air and took off running across the field. It was pretty awkward, as most people didn’t even know why I started running in the first place. GREAT first impression!

Tell us about your employer

As the first company in Canada to offer independent commissioning consulting in the building industry, CFMS Consulting Inc. offers exceptional engineering and technical knowledge with expansive experience. Comprised of a team of tenured staff who have been providing commissioning services for over 20 years, CFMS is referred by over 120 architects worldwide.
Utilizing strong relationship management skill when partnering with building owners, architects, designers and construction teams and striving to deliver superior quality control on each and every project, CFMS creates a collaborative work environment that delivers results.
CFMS offers customized solutions to address specific project needs and improves the transition from design development to construction turnover.


What are your favourite business tools and books?

I am an avid reader so think I have a new favourite every week, but an all time favourite is “In the Skin of a Lion” by Michael Ondaadtje, as it also feeds my passion for Toronto history.
My favourite app is iTunes, not exciting perhaps, but as a music lover I won’t ever forget how happy I was to be able to have what seemed like endless amounts of music available to me everywhere I went.

What advice would you give to other business owners or professional women?

I love the “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” thing by Baz Lurhman. So much good advice in there, so think I would have introduced myself to it sooner in life, and instructed me to revisit it as needed. Most importantly, I like the part about not worrying, because it’s never the things we can’t sleep over that are the real problems. Things are going to happen that you can’t plan for, but you will get through it! Better to put the energy put into worrying into enjoying your life as it is now, so when bad times do happen (as they will!) you have the positive energy to cope with whatever it is.

Connect with Kristine on LinkedIn and on her employer on Instagram

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