In the world of social media and online communications sometimes it is really easy to lose the personal touch. It often feels like a phone call is too personal these days. We live in a text to text relationship with our loved ones. How intimate does a phone call seem these days? Very intimidating to some.
That is why especially at holiday times we most remember that sharing of ourselves and going out of your way to present that all important personal touch makes a huge difference. Are you still sending holiday cards? I mean the kind where you purchase cards and old fashion stamps and include an update on your life – maybe a photo or two.

I think any situation where you can show who you are as person makes a connection with people. My number one rule is never be afraid to share who you are as a person  – that personal touch gives you a great advantage over others who don’t feel comfortable connecting with people on a personal level. As I have said so many times before – we do business with those we know, trust and like. So please keep that in mind as you are planning your end of year communications.


Here are five tips to ensure great client relations:

  1. Always try and meet clients in person at least once. Your physical presence goes far when you are in the beginning stages of establishing a relationship. If at possible connect at a networking function so that you can chat and get to know outside of the office as well.
  2. Customer service is priority number one. Do what you say you are going to do. Over deliver if possible. Anticipate what their needs are before they have to ask.
  3. Be friendly and engaging.  People pick up on when you are ‘standoff-ish”. Be authentic and get to know people.
  4. Remember important dates and facts about the people you meet. Re-call them when you are speaking. It is a great ice breaker. Use a CRM tool like Nimble to help. This will send you reminders of upcoming birthdays, work anniversaries etc.  You can connect all your CRM accounts through Nimble like – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  5. Ask for testimonials from happy clients! It is satisfying to see you have made a difference in your work with clients. Keeps you motivated too!  Offer to return to the favour to them. Usually it is a mutual admiration society so make it win win!


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