Ohh…the question…. When to send your newsletter…..This keeps me up at night. Okay, maybe not…. but I do think about this a lot. I love graphs that tell me when to tweet (Social Bro & Buffer) , and analytics as to when to send an email. Heck I even have an app that tells me when to take a break!

In my quest to find the right time to send my newsletter I came across this infographic that I though I should share. I should start by telling you that I change up the time of my emails quite frequently to test the open rate response. Most recently I saw almost an  50% open rate on a Friday afternoon and was surprised. However when you think about it – aren’t you just into reading something light and easy on a Friday afternoon more then any other time of the week?

Get Response  just came out with a new feature on their email CRM newsletter system that could be really handy to test your best email open responses.

It’s called the A/B Test. When you create a new email newsletter campaign you simply turn it on as per below and with a few clicks it will test different open times and send you an email of the best time to email your list. Cool eh?


Here is the Best Times to Send Email Infographic as more food for thought as to when you should send out your emails:


infographic when is the best time to send emails