Give your personal brand a reboot! Step by step guide to boost your life with branding

“I feel like I don’t have a ‘spark’ in my life…”
“I feel so de-motivated and lack direction…”
“I need to reassess or realign my current career path”

If you’ve ever caught yourself saying anything along those lines friend, I’ve got something for you.  It’s an online course that will show you the power of “personal branding”. Meaning, this course will help you become super clear in a variety of aspects of your life:

  • Finding the right career or business path
  • Getting more leads for professional opportunities
  • Creating more joy and fulfilment in your life
  • Becoming a better networker and content creator
  • Knowing your value, your values and how to create value for the people you serve.

Build a more robust brand that will open new doors and create more fulfillment in your life and work now.


The course is very comprehensive, featuring 25 short videos, 30+ questions/exercises to guide you, and 20+ hours of homework materials to really help you dive deep into self-analysis and self-awareness.

After doing this program, your outcomes will be

  • knowing 5-10 of your top personal brand elements
  • crafting a personal brand statement
  • creating a mission, vision and why statement
  • guidance on the next steps to Design and Deliver your personal brand better in the marketplace
  • strategies for building a thought leadership brand for yourself.
  • a short one-on-one coaching session with CEO Bobby Umar and founder of Women in Biz Network, Leigh Mitchell 



Right now this incredible course ($997 value) is offered at a special launch price that has been deeply discounted for our community. But this won’t last for long. Take advantage before the price goes way up.

About Bobby Umar, Course Creator:

Bobby Umar is an inspirational speaker, coach, and one of the most prolific advocates of heart-based leadership in North America. Inc Magazine named him one of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers, alongside such noteworthy giants as Richard Branson, Brené Brown and John Maxwell. Bobby is a 5x TEDx speaker, and one of the top social media influencers in the world, with over half a million followers. He has been named the “2nd Best Business Coach to Follow” on Twitter and the “4th Best Leadership Influencer” according to Kred. Bobby is an author of three international books, including a #1 Best Seller. He is also a frequent Huffington Post contributor and he is the host of a weekly tweetchat called “The Power of Connection” that has reached over 65 million impressions weekly. To date, his social media influence has garnered over 1 billion impressions. Bobby was also named a “2015 Speaker to Watch” and most recently, he was named a “Top 7 Networking Guru to Follow”.

A social media advocate, who champions authentic connection and leadership, Bobby has appeared on dozens of podcasts, TV and radio shows. With a background in brand marketing (Kraft and Unilever), engineering (Bombardier) and the performing arts (Second City), Bobby has led Raeallan for over a decade and is now a recognized thought leader in networking, social media and personal branding. He founded the DYPB – Discover Your Personal Brand movement, which hosted the largest event in North America dedicated solely to personal branding, featuring 60 experts and over 300 delegates. 250,000+ people from across the world have experienced Bobby’s high-energy keynotes, interactive team-building activities, and engaging workshops.

About Leigh Mitchell, Founder, Women in Biz Network:

I am a marketer, business career coach and brand strategist who loves branding your brilliance.

I often work with professional and entrepreneurial women, HR departments and national corporations who want clear, creative and story-telling strategies to amplify your brand and give you clarity around your positioning and future plans. I work with you from execution to evaluation. As the founder of Women in Biz Network, I have taken her business from a handful of women to an organization of over 35,000. I curate mentorship initiatives, promote our diversity-driven career portal, and deliver skill-building events to a variety of audiences. Throughout my career, I have worked with brands such as Microsoft Canada, TELUS, TD Canada Trust, Staples Canada and Chevrolet Canada. I have been featured in the CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living, Wall Street Journal and a speaker at numerous industry events.

My Fun Facts: I am a part-time runner and once walked on the top of the CN Tower even though I am terrified of heights. I am married with two sons and live in Toronto, Canada. I am passionate about exploring the arts, reading, spending time in nature and practicing yoga. I absolutely love to laugh and live to be just a little goofy when I can. I volunteer with a number of causes including Scouts Canada, Active for Life and Kingsway Platform Tennis Junior Program. I have held various board positions and help to support charities that support women such as HerVolution, Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative and UGO Travel for Change. 

ONLY $197 for a limited time only.

BONUS: Receive a $50 credit for services
provided by Women in Biz Network or Leigh Mitchell 
when you sign up for this incredible course

This month we will focus on your mental health challenges at work. Participants can also learn more about our new course as well!



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