blindmarketingA lot of small business owners I meet are marketing BLINDLY. They’re busy networking and spending thousands on their website or publicist. They’re even pouring their hard earned dollars into print ads or gorgeous direct mail postcards. Yet when I ask them: have they ever gotten any business out of this marketing, their unanimous answer is a resounding ‘NOT YET’. As a no-nonsense small biz marketing coach, this gets me all fired up.  Nobody has enough time or money to waste on bad marketing in a small business.

Why is this even happening?

When a small business isn’t clear on WHO their ideal client is or even what specialty their business offers, then the exhausting but all too common “I should be visible to everyone, everywhere” syndrome appears. The fix is to get some help to make sure you’re picking the right niche and to focus on your marketing efforts on that niche. Then you’ll be marketing strategically and not blindly.

Track much?

In the big brand world where I come from the marketing program wouldn’t even be implemented without a clear tracking mechanism that was cleverly built-in and told a definite story about its success or failure. So if you think the big boys know how to market, then why don’t you do the same?

Why don’t you count how many people go to your website from your Facebook page and download your free eBook offer? Why don’t you keep track of how many leads you got from that snazzy direct mail campaign you did? Why not write down and keep a going tally on the number of leads you got from attending the local Board of Trade events and see if your membership fee is even warranted?  If you don’t track your results in marketing, you are unfortunately DOOMED to repeated your mistakes in a gruesome imitation of a warped Groundhog Day.

Obligation To Spend

The last blind marketing action that I see in most small businesses is this enormous guilty feeling that they SHOULD be spending something on their marketing. Funny enough, a small business owner is much more likely to spend on tactics and execution (i.e. website design, direct mail, newsletter, trade show booth) than on getting a viable strategy.

Because I want your small biz to grow and to succeed and because I want all women to become more powerful in the world, don’t be a blind marketer. Don’t spend a penny on your marketing until you get help to figure out the right strategy and then track your success every step of the way.

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