We are so excited to have Jaeny at the Go for It Conference as a online video coaching expert at the Vancouver Waterfront Fairmont Hotel. Jaeny was a huge draw to our 2012 conference and we are so happy to be working with Jaeny again!

The unofficial version of Jaeny…


1.     Tell us about your business. 
I get people to act like their authentic selves on camera and capture their true personalities on video. Authenticity is the new black! Most of us get really uncomfortable on camera, but if you want to connect to potential clients, you have to be genuine online. It’s all about transparency and credibility with business these days and web video is a powerful medium to establish that. Don’t go around saying those boring corporate clichés that everyone is saying – let your real personality shine through your marketing! You gotta remember – people buy from people, not corporations.
It’s so much fun getting people to relax on camera, and the results are usually very fast. It’s instant gratification for me, so I’m grateful when I can coach people and make such a difference to their performance.
I also train people who want to video blog, diy style with their own webcams and cameras. Video is a new medium for most people, so I make sure they’re confident on-camera while teaching them how to avoid those commonly made mistakes. I create a customized video strategy, we cover script writing, how to frame a shot, basic lighting, SEO, etc – gosh we cover so many things! – and I use my journalism skills to generate a long list of topics to get them started.
Video is a total game changer and learning how to be great on camera is such an important life skill! They predict 90% of the data online will be video in less than 3 years, so invest in some training now! The more you practice, the better you’ll get, just like any skill. People also respect you on a whole other level when you can perform on camera because you’re able to articulate your thoughts in a clear, compelling way. It’s amazing – I’ve experienced it myself! As business owners, we are experts in our industry so it’s our duty to share our knowledge. Your opinion matters – people want to hear what you have to say!

2. Tell us about yourself.

My entire career has been in media – 15 years working in TV, film, and radio, mostly at the CBC. I hosted several TV and radio shows at the CBC, and worked as a reporter so I really know how to present “content” or information in a way that people will pay attention to. We had to tell stories in 1 min 10 secs so I know how to condense information down to that golden nugget!
I used to also have a serious fear of public speaking which was ironic because I had no problems in front of a camera or microphone. To this day, I still get nervous giving presentations, which is why I push myself to give them! But I really do understand how nerve racking it can be to be on camera. When I interviewed people, I’d “coach” them all the time because I’d get a better interview if they were comfortable.
I’ve lived across the country – Toronto, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Vancouver. Love snowboarding and playing ultimate frisbee which are hugely popular out west. I’m truly living out the “West Coast lifestyle” cuz I also enjoy yoga, eating healthy organic foods, riding my bike and meditating.

3. What motivated you to do what you do in business? Was there an “aha” moment or a moment of innovation?

I was at the point where I’d done everything I could at the CBC – hosting, reporting, producing etc. I was hungry for a new opportunity and was always fascinated with the online space.
I attended “Wordcamp” a conference about WordPress.  A presenter asked the audience how many people were video blogging. Only 2 people put up their hands. Then she asked how many people wanted to video blog and the entire room raised their hand. I asked the person next to me why he didn’t just do it, and he said he was nervous with the idea of being on camera.
“I can help you.” I told him. “It’s easy. I have tons of experience both in front and behind the camera!” and that’s when the light bulb went off. Sure there’s a lot of technical info out there about video, but very little content about how to be great on camera, how to connect to the lens. I realized I was sitting on a goldmine of expertise and experience that needed to be shared with the world! It feels amazing when I can empower someone to get over their insecurities, and act like their authentic selves on camera. I just love it.

4. How do you overcome challenges and obstacles in your business?

If an idea scares me, that’s the signal for me to just go for it. Every time I’ve done something outside my comfort zone, it’s forced me to grow in so many positive ways. Now I welcome the obstacles. It isn’t easy and especially as a perfectionist, it challenges me to no end, but I just tell myself “I’m doing the best I can in this moment” and usually that’s pretty dam good! As women in particular, we never give ourselves enough credit! So I’m trying real hard to diminish my inner critic, and ramp up my inner cheerleader!
I’m also trying to focus on persistence. It’s easy to give up after something goes sideways, but check in with yourself. If it feels like this is the direction you need to be going, bear down and keep fighting the good fight! A friend of mine used to always say “Patience. Persistence. Success.” I find that’s so true in business.

5. What are your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur?
I’m a real people person, extremely curious about others and very passionate about my work. I believe so strongly in the power of video that I could talk all day about it! My natural demeanor is also quite positive and energetic which is great for business. I’ve had clients tell me they hired me just because they wanted to “hang out” together!

It sounds cliché, but for me it’s all about passion. Every fiber of my being believes that your opinion matters and people need to hear them through video. We need to act authentically in our marketing if we’re going attract our ideal clients. Let’s get rid of all those lame corporate clichés and make connections through our personality!


The Official Jaeny Baik
As a former CBC TV host and seasoned journalist, Jaeny worked 10 years at the CBC as a host, reporter and producer. Her first TV program, “Living Winnipeg” won a prestigious Gracie Allen Award from New York City. When she took the hosting helm at “Living Vancouver” viewership shot up by 40%. Jaeny also spent years producing million dollar film shoots for advertising commercials. She knows what to say and how to say it with fun and impact! Jaeny now coaches on-camera performance, creates online video strategy and web videos for businesses through Jaeny Baik Media.
Personal website: JaenyBaik.com
Twitter: @Jaenyb