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Amy Syed is a serial entrepreneur who believes significant impact can be made through intentional business concepts that foster resilience and sustainability. A Founder and CEO of, healthcare workers can match to employers based on what they want and need to make a sustainable career and business. She started Amy Syed Enterprises Inc. as the teaching arm of her business to teach others how to use their experiences and gifts to create successful businesses and careers by leveraging life experience. You can catch her on her podcast, Calm After the Storm or shooting scenes on The Social Movement – airing on Apple TV and Amazon Prime in 2022.

Why do you think mentorship is crucial to the success of a professional or entrepreneurial woman? What advice would you give to a woman who needs a mentor?

Mentors have made my career and given me the ability to become the woman I am today. I have had mentors for most of my professional career and they have challenged me to believe in my abilities in moments I did not. A good mentor is honest with non-judgement and a guide to the mentee to the world that their mentee wants to be in. If you need a mentor, I urge you to find someone who has done what you want to do, is willing to make time for you monthly to meet. Your responsibility is just as important as a mentor, go prepared with a framework for the session so they know you are not wasting their time and you can get value from the session.

What qualities do you think a mentor needs to create a good relationship with their mentee?

Mentors should be open to teaching, have an abundant mentality that wants their mentee to succeed. Mentors that are effective can give real life examples to the challenges facing the mentee and is willing to make opportunities for the mentee in their circles.

What qualities does a mentee need to succeed?

Mentees need to know what they want and be strong in their belief of their business or career options. They should prepare 6-10 questions for each mentor session and ensure they are respectful of their mentees time.

What is the best advice your mentor has given to you?

Stay laser focused on you and your outcomes. Do not sway no matter what you see on social media, or hear out there. Focus on you and nobody else.

You are quotable! What wise words would you like to share?

“Your past does not define you, but it made you who you are. It’s part of your genius.” – Amy Syed






Join our “Level Up Your Impact” Accountability Club and get the support you need and DESERVE!

Our mentors and fellow members will assist you in accomplishing your goals. They can be business, career or health-related. The healthier and more productive we are the better we are in our business life. We use small breakouts to discuss your goals and progress with those who are as closely matched as possible.

Each month the Level Up Your Impact Accountability Club will:

  • Give you tips and tricks backed by science and experts
  • Mentors will be available to assist as required (We have a Financial, Tech, HR, Legal, PR, Mentorship, Leadership, Career, Business, Sales, Health and Wellness mentors)
  • Provide Breakout sessions and our founder Leigh Mitchell and facilitator Jill  Valentine will visit each group with support so that you can work in small groups to discuss your goals
  • Time will be given to set timeframes and milestones to take on your intentions with specific steps declared for how you will get there
  • We will survey you throughout the program to see how the group progress is coming along and make tweaks along the way as needed
  • Handouts and resources will be provided throughout the program
  • Self-tracking opportunities will be providing

Participants must commit to six months within the group so that we can give everyone time to make progress and get to know their fellow participants and mentors well

This program is available only to Women in Biz Network members ONLY. 



Transformation and Impact Mentor

Jill is the co-founder of UGO Impact and founder of Dare to be a Dandelion.  She is a leading Transformative Travel & Impact Coach who harnesses the innate power of travel and volunteerism to create and inspire Changemakers around the globe. Leveraging her skills as a transformation coach and extensive background in the local and global charity/non-profit arena, she’s the creator of ‘The UGO Method for Change Model’ helping current and aspiring changemakers create profound personal and global change.   A passionate humanitarian, volunteerism specialist, disability sports consultant, and world traveller, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”

Career & Marketing Mentor

Leigh Mitchell is a business strategist and brand consultant. As the founder of Women in Biz Network, she has taken her business from a handful of women in her neighbourhood to a national organization of over 35,000. Leigh is responsible for curating mentorship initiatives, promoting our diversity-driven career portal for women, and delivering skill-building events to a variety of audiences. Leigh provides customized training and branding services for small businesses and national brands. Her career has led her to successfully work with major brands such as GM Canada, Microsoft Canada, TELUS, Johnson & Johnson, Maple Leaf Foods, TD Canada Trust, Staples Canada and Penguin Random House Canada. Leigh has been featured on CBC News, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living Magazine, Wall Street Journal and in other media and has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events.

Women in Biz Network has hosted hundreds of events, conferences and masterminds across Canada since 2010 with national media attention.  We also offer our events plus discounts to partner training, events and conferences. Our events customized to meet the needs of professional women and business owners. We offer both online and in-person events. Our events mainly take place in Toronto but we have hosted events in Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver. We also create customized events on behalf of our sponsors.

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