I love you Canada

Every night before I go to bed I think of three things I am grateful for. Last night I reflected on how grateful I am to be Canadian. Here’s Why:

  • Multiculturalism – I have never understood the benefits of a melting pot. I love how our Canadian culture prides itself on a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds and how beautifully that is represented in our communities across Canada.
  • Gun Control – While violence is everywhere I feel safe in Canada.
  • The Beautiful Landscape – I have traveled extensively and love it. But now my bucket list contains Newfoundland and Lake Louise! We have such amazing landscape in Canada. Did you know that New York Times listed Canada as the top destination for 2017? 
  • Building a Canadian Business –  I feel so lucky to own a business in Canada. I have met so many amazing Canadians as I have traveled across the country bringing Canadian entrepreneurialism my main stage.

This year Canada celebrates 150 years – I feel really proud and excited to be Canadian. What about you? Share your #150Canada stories with me!