Jessica Kline is on a mission to support and empower women in the motorsports industry. In 2012, she created Backwoods Promotions, a marketing agency that specializes in motorsports event staffing. Since this time, Jessica has grown the company and worked closely with a number of large corporate clients.

With a particular focus on supporting women in the motorsports industry, Jessica has also worked closely with several women racers while participating in numerous women’s motorcycle and snowmobile rides across North America.

Jessica is also a motorsports journalist, with published articles written for,, American Snowmobiler Magazine and more. It is Jessica’s strong interpersonal skills and hands-on approach to business that have been commended by many industry leaders. She believes that a combination of passion, motivation and hard work are essential to earning respect and becoming a successful woman in business.

Jessica’s business is Backwoods Promotions – a staffing agency that specializes in motorsports event staffing. 

Owner, Jessica Kline, is an entrepreneur who took a big leap and started a company that is focused on her passions in life: motorsports, events, and people. She is a leader in the industry, working with many younger people to support their dreams. 

Tell us about your business

Backwoods Promotions specializes in motorsports event staffing and marketing solutions across North America. With a focus on relationship building, mentoring the next generation of motorsports enthusiasts, and supporting women in the automotive and motorsports industries, the company has quickly become well known as a leader in providing new and exciting opportunities to clients, staff, and partners.

What advice would you give?

Balance is key!! You must find that balance between work and your personal life, or (like me) find a way to incorporate fun into your work-life so that you can continue to enjoy what you do! If you aren’t happy or enjoying work, then you need to take action to make changes in your life so that you can do something that you have a passion for.?