Conference Session – Bringing Social Good to our Personal World

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Krista is a professional photographer. A mother to two daughters. A wife to her college sweetheart.

A few years ago, Krista found she was wanting more – not more things, but more purpose. She wanted (she might argue “needed”) to find a way to give back. To contribute to the change she hoped to see in our world – rather than just sitting back.

In 2012, after finding herself in Uganda with her camera and meeting some of the most incredibly strong, courageous, gifted people… Krista launched JustOne. Recognizing she was just one person who wanted to see world change – and by acting on it, she could make a difference.  Visit Krista at

Tell us about your business

Introducing JUSTONE – an exciting, new fashion company that offers women an opportunity to empower women in Africa, make a change in our world… and look fashionable at the same time!

Everything we wear makes a statement – about how we perceive ourselves, our world, and what we value. We offer you the opportunity to make a statement that you believe in equality for all, in ethical practices and in making a change in our world for the better.

JUSTONE offers “world changing fashion” made by former child soldiers, women who are HIV positive and people living in extreme poverty. We are each JUSTONE person and the choices we make impacts our world.

Look good. Do good.

How are you hoping to connect with conference attendees?

I love stories. I love to hear people’s stories, and share the stories of those JustOne supports. I would love to connect with you and build some new relationships! You never know where those relationships may lead for the #socialgood!

What advice would you give conference attendees?

Make friends. Listen. Laugh. Connect. Follow each other on social media. Then put down your phone and look each other in the eyes and chat some more.

These relationships and connections can lead to great collaborations down the road! And if not a collaboration – at least you made a new friend!

Connect on Twitter @i_am_justone and at and on facebook on instagram and on pinterest