Conference Session – Getting over Your Fear of Video – Why being on Camera Lets Your Personality Shine



Jaeny transforms women entrepreneurs from “zero to hero” on video.

Her insatiable curiosity drove her to dig up stories for a decade as a reporter and TV host for the CBC. Her first show won a Gracie Allen Award from New York City, and after hosting “Living Vancouver,” viewership shot up by almost 50%.

With Jaeny Baik Media Inc, she trains women to perform authentically on-camera with the belief that people buy from people, not corporations. The more human we are, the more business we’ll generate.
Jaeny also directs YouTube videos, and crafts stories and elevator pitches with authentic *’PUNCH!* She’s worked with clients around the world, including Doha, Qatar in the Middle East via video Skype.

Her passion runs deep – slaying corporate clichés and revealing the honest, human face behind business through online video marketing.

Don’t get left behind. You can SHINE online!

Tell us about your business

Jaeny Baik Media Inc is a video training company, making web video easy for women entrepreneurs to grow their business. We train women to overcome socialized mindset blocks, execute high level presentation skills, while providing technological guidance. Together, these skills magnify women’s voices to be heard in a big way through their small cell phone video cameras.

We help level the playing field for women entrepreneurs around the world through our online training platform. “Shine Online Video Performance For Women” is our flagship program with a live 3 day event and a virtual home study program.

Unlike technical videographers, we focus entirely on the entrepreneur. Will her story attract her ideal client? Is she anxious, or is her performance genuine, passionate and confident? Is she a dynamic spokesperson for her company?

All you need is your cell phone and some courage to get your message out in a bigger way!

How are you hoping to connect with conference attendees?

I find my message really resonates with women. It serves as a common place for women from all walks of life to connect.
I believe capturing your passion and real personality on web video is the most powerful way to connect to your audience. Most of us hide behind the safe corporate mask of “professionalism”, but get this. People buy from people, not corporations. So the more human we are, the more business we’ll generate.
If you run your business from a place of authenticity and truth – if you can step up as the face behind your business and share your expertise and knowledge – you will profoundly connect to your ideal clients and get noticed. That’s good business.

What advice would you give conference attendees?

Implement imperfectly. It’s easy to get stuck in perfection paralysis. Accept that you will make mistakes and learn great lessons from those mistakes. Be bold and jump before you feel ready! You have so much to offer the world.

Connect on Twitter @JaenyB and at and on facebook

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