Kelsey Ramsden is Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Magazine writer, ranked #1 by Profit and Chatelaine Magazines in 2012 & 2013. She has founded and run businesses as diverse as construction and children’s toys. As President of Belvedere Place Development, a land development and construction ¬project, she wasn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and strap on some work boots and get down in the dirt. As founder of Spark Play, a monthly play subscription service – as much for parents as for their kids – she ¬lands herself back on the ground. Formerly a wayward student, born of generations of true grit and determination, Kelsey triumphed when she graduated with her MBA from the highly regarded Ivey School of Business. She credits that same grit and determination for helping her overcome a devastating cancer prognosis last year – a cancer she has since overcome. In her work she balances venom and virtue, book and street smarts, with her belief that imagination and play are powers greater than knowledge. Connect with Kelsey on Twitter: @kelseyramsden

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

My experience is deep and casts in starting, growing and running businesses from idea to dream fulfillment. My business teaching and speaking with entrepreneurs can help anyone who believes they have something more to give…..something more to achieve…..a shift to make to shift safely toward their ideal life and business. I am their roadmap. I help these women around the world.

Screen-shot-2013-10-11-at-4.49.39-PMWhat are you passionate about in your business and what steps are you taking to make it profitable?

I am most passionate about sales and the customer experience….this after all is what drives all of business. I take steps daily to adjust to our customers ideal needs/wants and to over deliver …predict what they will want next….gather the greatest resources to support them and my business in their continued relationship together. It is always about relationship and trust in the end.

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

I hope they will see cracks of light int themselves and their businesses or business ideas. Spaces where opportunities exist that can be clearly addressed and easily transformed to deliver greater personal and professional profitability.

What is your favourite business tool

My imagination.

…because it is the source of all the great things I have done and/or will do.

What is your favourite business book?

Tough one. So many.

The Art of Possibility is one.

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Hear Kelsey Ramsden at the Passion to Profit Conference in Vancouver

Session: Key Note: The Tug of War…
Are you running your life and business or is it running you?

To get the business and life you want your ‘being’ must be a part of it.

This is no airy fairy love in – this is heart beating brass tacks.
Less ‘doing’, more ‘being’. But what do you want to be?

We will focus on purposeful deliverables and your ‘being’ clarified as we get to the heart of our lives and business success in the making.

All businesses need to grow or adapt. Just as we do.

We will talk truths about smart growth strategies, actionable and measurable, to support you in your passion to profits goals.
Hard questions and ”heart” answers – bottom line results.

About the Passion to Profit Conference

Passion to Profit is an affordable opportunity for Canadian entrepreneurs to grow their networks and find the support and training they need. October 20 , 2014 – Vancouver, BC.