Leigh Mitchell is a Marketing consultant helping business owners to grow and thrive in Canada. As the founder of Women in Biz Network, Leigh strives to increase the overall well-being and financial success of Canadian business women through mentorship, advocacy, and skill-building events. Leigh’s career has led her to successfully work with professional women and business owners, along with major brands such as GM Canada, Microsoft Canada, TELUS, Johnson & Johnson, Maple Leaf Foods, TD Canada Trust, Staples Canada and Penguin Random House Canada. Leigh has been featured on CBC Radio, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Living Magazine, Wall Street Journal and in other media and has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events.

Why and how did you start your business?

I started my business for three reasons. I had hit a plateau in my corporate job, I couldn’t find quality childcare and I wanted to make a bigger difference in my career. I had always been drawn to small business – partly because I grew up in an entrepreneurial family but also because I felt I could accomplish more faster, with more meaning and with greater flexibility. I wanted to experience life with more freedom. Also, when I started my business in 2010 there were very few women’s entrepreneurial organizations that catered to the needs of women like myself (a mom) in Canada. The rest is history! Read more about why I started my business here.

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

Women in Biz Network provides personalized and supportive professional business and leadership guidance to over 28,000 women across North America through education, awareness, advocacy and mentoring both online and in-person. You can read more about why I started my business here.

What is your favourite business tool?

I am a business tool junkie. Currently I am loving ContactuallyTodoist , Yammer, and Speek to bring my relationship engagement to a whole new level! You can read about the other tools I love here.

 What is Your Favourite Quote?

Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

~ Rumi

 What is your Current Favourite Business Book?

Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris made a big change in the way I perform – helping me to automate more and not waste precious work time with “time wasters”


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