I was on the beach yesterday. Soaking up the last of the sun before heading home. I had spent an amazing long weekend with my husband and kids. Often tag teaming throughout the summer – one of with the kids while the other got work done we finally said let’s bring the party together! It was exactly what I needed. I didn’t get any work done over the weekend but I did finish reading our October Passion to Profit Conference’s Teresa Kruze’s book The In-Credibity Factor – 30 Stores and Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know.  The back to work dread kicked in when I arrived home at 7 pm Sunday night. With laundry to do and a hot house of contend with I could feel my anxiety rise. Then my nine year old’s stress kicked in at 9 pm after the final books were read.

To my BC Friends:  I feel for you so much! Not having that schedule coupled with the uncertainty is killer. You are in my thoughts and prayers that this will be over soon!


Here are a few tidbit tips to deal with the September Transition (for you and the kids)

  • Tip 1: transition in back to school recreational activities so that there aren’t a bunch of new changes all at once.
  • Tip 2: Be mindful of the vibes you are giving off – how we feel is way more obvious to kids then we think. What we say is secondary really.
  • Tip 3: Set up an “OM Zone” in your home.  This is a tech free area in your home where everyone can decompress and feel at peace. In this space you would have comfy pillows, maybe some fun crystals etc. It is clutter free and filled with inspiration. You can get your kids involved this fall by creating this family space. This is a place where everyone is invited to go either privately or as a family.TipHave a weekly 1 minute family meditation – encouraging this as a great way to deal with individual troubles and stresses – a sure way to calm down when we are frustrated. This weekly event can be a place where positive intentions are shared and possibly  capped off with a family meeting. Here you can you talk about schedules, chores, other important items to be accomplished. Use flip chart paper to record notes and schedules a reference point. TIP : now is the time to declutter your spaces so that you can find things for morning departures quickly and without stress or tears.
  • Tip 4 : Get everyone up and moving after school and the weekends. Make active downtime a priority. Fresh air and sunshine coupled with exercise is the best medicine for everyone’s anxiety! Make Sunday the day to explore a new park or natural setting where you can run, bike or hike together!
  • Tip 5: Get rid of the paper – take photos of calendars and paper work and organize in OneNote or Evernote – In recognizes documents and business cards. Don’t have piles of paper – handle it once and get rid of it!

For more tips check out Laurel’s video here:

To all my BC friends  and WIBN Members dealing with the school strike….. My heart goes out to you. Here is a cute post with  ideas from a children’s perspective –  on how to handle the BC School Strike! It is a hoot!

Have a wonderful first week of September. It is a great time for renewal and a fresh start for parents and children! Enjoy!


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