Karoline Biography

Karoline has a varied set of skills and experience. She received a B.A. in Political Science, a B.A. (Hons) in Women’s Studies, from Queen’s University and J.D. from Queen’s University Faculty of Law. While studying, she worked to resolve small claims disputes through discussions and some litigation. She articled in the areas of Real Estate, Employment law, and Criminal law. She then trained in mediation and now mediates in the areas of workplace disputes and human rights. Karoline also consults with clients in strategy planning and negotiations. She was recently chosen as one of Microsoft Women for International Women’s day. She has been published in several journals and other media.

How does your business help entrepreneurs and professional women?

Women have different needs and demands than men. I can help women to express their needs and to overcome the demands of a male dominated workplace. Businesses can profit from my assistance to make the organization more welcoming to women and their perspective on the company operation.

What are you passionate about in your business and what steps are you taking to make it profitable?

Resolving disputes and helping create a more peaceful workplace for all is my life purpose. This can happen through education, better communication, and self-awareness. Companies will become more profitable through networking, great service, and relationship building.

What do you hope conference attendees will take away from hearing you speak at our conference?

Real stratagies for handling ongoing concerns and negotiation tools.

What is your favourite business tool

My IPhone of course. It does everything and doesn’t cause back pain.

What is your favourite business book?

Real Success Without a Real Job: There Is No Life Like It!

Ernie J. Zelinski

Connect on Twitter @karolinebourdea and at www.insightfulmediation.ca

About the Passion to Profit Conference

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