Patti Pokorchak, MBA – Small Business Expert, Author, Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

Patti’s motto is ’to have fun and make money’, and if you’re not having fun, then who cares about the money.

She spent four years at IBM, where the previously shy introvert was taught how to sell. She made too much money at a young age and wandered off to Europe for a decade, working at five startups in two countries. She truly believes that you can live a life without regrets.

Returning to Ottawa, Canada, she started her first company in 1992, where she helped start and run an award winning 7-figure software business for 10 years, before moving to the country and opening a successful destination garden centre and hobby farm. Back in her Toronto hometown after that 30 year detour, she loves to help make your passion profitable with her proven practical advice!

Through an intense brainstorm session, Patti loves to get to the essence of a business, see where the really marketable gem is and then help the entrepreneur capitalize on their unique offering. Known for her wacky ideas that work, she helps you use targeted creative strategies to have fun and make money, the only way to work!

Tell us about your business

I help small businesses and entrepreneurs sell more ‘stuff’ – profitably, quickly and easily .

My Small Biz Sales Coaching business is to help entrepreneurs get over their fear of sales as well as give them a proven disciplined and motivational process that works to nurture their sales leads.

“If I can be a farmer, then you can be anything you want to be – with some basic sales and marketing skills that is! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be a farmer! And a successful one to boot!”

What is your inspiration?

Small businesses are a big part of what makes Canada a great country.

Born into an entrepreneurial family, it’s in my blood and I advocate it as the best way to earn a living and having a great life too. it’s challenging but very fulfilling to know that you can create something in your mind and make it a reality. Having started several successful businesses, I understand what it takes to get a business started and profitable.

How are you hoping to connect with conference attendees?

First I’ll speak on Sales DREAD – taking sales from FEAR to FUN!

I’ll be hosting a roundtable on your biggest sales challenges and I’ve got a booth at the Conference.

At my booth, I”ll be suggesting that attendees who want to explore their own sales situation, to book a time slot for a personal conversation.

What advice would you give conference attendees?Reinventionrebel_BCard_Front_Back

Be curious!

Be prepared with some great questions that will benefit you and your business.

Ask, listen and think about what you hear.


Do you have a special offer or incentive for conference attendees that you would like us to share?

Drop by and sign up for a free 20 minute consultation on your special sales challenge!

FREE draw for $100 bill!

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