At Brazen & Co. we create brands that stand apart. Our intention – to help you attract the right client and lots of them. Our goal – to create a brand this is a true expression of you.

We are a business coaching & brand communications firm pioneering entrepreneurial brand design shaped by coaching self-expression and heart. We work with business professionals – consultants, self-employed, entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior leaders – those who are their brand – to align their true nature and purpose to their business vision. Our clients experience greater confidence, empowerment, and momentum, creating end results previously believed impossible.

What makes Brazen & Co. stand apart is how we do this.

Brazen & Co.’s founder, Sophie Turner, has over 20 years Marketing Communications and Business Development experience creating consumer loyalty, resonance and appeal through product, brand, and value proposition development for global Fortune 500 organizations. She has worked for NIKE, American Express, and Habitat for Humanity, leading marketing, relationship management, communications and merchant development teams. She has collaborated with worldwide advertising agencies including Oglivy, Y&R, and Cossette and recognized loyalty programs including MasterCard, Aeroplan, Air Miles, and Membership Rewards to create meaningful brand programs for both businesses and consumers.
To add to her business and brand expertise, Sophie is also a professional coach, holding multiple modality certifications from regarded international institutions that allow her to work with clients from the inside out, overcoming self-limiting beliefs that get in the way of business and career success.

Her unconventional approach delivers with impact as her truth telling, bold, and energetic ways hold clients accountable for their success.
This powerful combination of experience and training enable Brazen & Co. to take you and your business from here to there.

Work with Sophie individually or participate in a Brazen & Co. on-line community or program. Please visit for more information.

How can your experience or your business help fellow conference attendees?

Over the past 20 plus years, I’ve been fortunate to create brands to support generating awareness and demand for various products and services. I have a knack of taking lots of information and distilling down into marketable sound bytes. The impact I hope I have on fellow attendees is to tap into this experience, offering up support if needed or simply an unbiased sounding board, helping them with pressing business growth challenges they may be having. I’m also a bit quirky and therefore look at matters differently than other business coaches.

What do you hope to take away from the conference?

I hope to meet fabulous successful women, to expand connections, and create personal and professional relationships. I’m also excited to hear many of the speakers, learn new tips, and to explore more ways to grow my business.


What is the most inspiring book you have read?

The one I’m currently finishing up is Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux. This book explores how organizational structures are evolving (as also witnessed with the new business paradigm happening globally) to include ‘purpose’ as part of their business goals – with the focus on how to create truly soulful businesses. It speaks to how everyone has a role to play in an organization and how humanity is shifting toward a new stage of consciousness.

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Sophie Turner is attending the #SocialforGood Conference

About the #SocialdforGood Conference

If you a socially conscious individual, entrepreneur, corporation or non-profit organization you can’t afford to miss this conference! Please join us for two days that will evoke conversation, initiate ideas and inspire creative solutions to spread social good in your community and workplace.

#SocialforGood will have you dive deeper then you ever have before and will address:

  • What a #socialforgood movement is and why it even matters
  • Can a business really make a profit while doing something that makes a difference? Yes! Learn how!
  • Ideas and beliefs by change makers and sought after experts.
  • We will explore why investing in women is the world best social strategy
  • Creative solutions to inspire change in your life, workplace and business
  • How to Bring Authenticity and Integrity to Your Business
  • How Creating your Business Creates a Whole New You
  • How to raise money for your social business or cause
  • The best ways to spread your message: Video, podcasts, public speaking, social media and more