The #SocialforGood Conference is nearly here! We are so excited and really hope to make this a super meaningful and productive 2 days for you! We are sold out! Woot!

If you are only attending Day 2 and NOT with us on Day 1 (everyone else close their eyes 🙂 –

  • On day 1 we will be thinking about how our business changes us for the better and diving into the why behind what you do what you do. We will be  completing a mentoring exercise where you will start to think about what the mission for your business could be (or redefine it). You will be looking at it with a whole new point a view after spending Monday with us. If you aren’t with us on Monday please read the following article and watch this video.
  • Be inspired with “Start with the Why”  TEDx Talk  – Simon Simek
  • We will be handing out the Mission Worksheet on Day 1. Take a look at the Business Plan Mission Worksheet . There will be copies on hand but come as prepared as much as possible. (remember mentors will be around to answer questions)

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