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Women Leading the Charge in Issues that Matter – #SocialforGood Award Semi Finalists from Across Canada

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Toronto, ON: There are currently over 1,000,000 Canadian women who own a small business in Canada. Self-employed women make up a larger share of the population than in any other country contributing to $19 million to the economy each year. These women are addressing issues that matter and create a positive impact on society. 90% of social based businesses have a woman in a position of leadership. Women in Biz Network set out to find and recognize amazing women making a difference in their communities.



The semi finalists will be gathering on May 25 and 26th at the  #SocialforGood Conference, reception and awards/

The women nominated all have passion, focused purpose and dedication. They are making difference in their communities and goal of the award is help inspire women led innovation and impact across Canada.

Click here to learn more about our SocialforGood Semi-Finalists:

  1. Meet #SocialforGood Nominee Paulina Podgorska of @sossitter
  2. Meet #SocialforGood  Nominee Melissa Durrell from Durrell Comm @melissadurrell
  3. Meet #SocialforGood  Nominee Marcia, Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society @embersvancouver
  4. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Adila Cokar from Source My Garment @sourcemygarment
  5. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee @DanielleDPhoto from Photographers without Borders @PhotographersWB
  6. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee @LorelieNoble from Design Details
  7. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Katrina German from OneStory @OneStory_com
  8. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Audrey Guth from @nannyangels
  9. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Nicole Cadwallader from @Mr_Pigglesworth
  10. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Carla Catherwood from @ARMY_of_SASS Canada
  11. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Brenda Holdsworth from @WeddingSaviours
  12. Meet #SocialforGood Award Nominee Doina Oncel from @hEr_VOLUTION

Judges of the SocialforGood Award are:

Awards Host:

Award Semi-Finalists win: 

Winner will Receive:

The nominees will all be present and the award will be presented live at 5 pm on May 26, 2015.

For information or to schedule interviews contact:

Leigh Mitchell, Founder
www.womeninbiznetwork.com | leigh@womeninbiznetworkcom
1-416-993-2083 Twitter: @Womenbiznetwork

About Women in Biz Network:

The mission of Women in Biz Network is to increase the happiness, well being and financial success of all Canadian women in business. We achieve this through mentorship, education, advocacy and support. They current support over 28,000 women entrepreneurs across Canada.

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