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Ontario calling for sherecovery

Ontario calling for “She-Recovery”, are you ready to help?

Report prepared and issued by Ontario Chamber of Commerce 


“When the Government of Ontario declared a state of emergency and mandated the closure of non-essential businesses, the economic impacts were immediate, acute, and disproportionately borne by women. Several economists have accordingly dubbed the crisis a “she-cession”

Women’s labour force participation rate fell to its lowest level in thirty years. Since then, women have seen slower reemployment than men; as the economy gradually reopened between April and August, employment gains in Ontario were 200,200 for men and only 131,700 for women.

This differs notably from the 2008 financial crisis, during which job losses were more pronounced in male-dominated sectors.

COVID-19-related job losses have been highest among racialized women, particularly Asian and Black women, as well as younger and lower-income women. Single mothers, Indigenous women, immigrant women, women with disabilities, rural women, transgender-identifying women, and other intersectional groups tend to also be experiencing greater financial consequences than most Ontarians”

The report has many recommendations at both the provincial and national level, please click the link below to learn more.

[button link=”https://occ.ca/wp-content/uploads/OCC-shecovery-final.pdf?_cldee=bGVpZ2hAd29tZW5pbmJpem5ldHdvcmsuY29t&recipientid=lead-0b26a0ecc5dcea11a813000d3a593b1e-ce02b8d2cb35432292b0f7c9e3f724c6&esid=96fd7b97-c3fd-ea11-a815-000d3a593b1e” window=”yes”]READ THE REPORT NOW[/button]

Have you been impacted? Please share your story.

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