Years ago when we launched our podcast we asked 5 “Thrive Questions” to our guests. One of these questions related to how many hours of sleep our expert guests got on a regular basis. Many prioritized their health by ensuring they practiced good sleep habits while others admitted that getting enough sleep wasn’t a priority because they could function well on little. Studies show us that proper sleep habits and a schedule that prioritizes it has numerous benefits. Women in Biz Network Member Lynn Wachman shared some advice on how and why good sleep habits should be on your radar.

Tips for getting a good night sleep

We have a built-in repair system that rejuvenates, restores and yes, even beautifies. Sleep is nature’s nurturer. Getting good quality sleep is the foundation for optimal wellbeing.

Here are some suggestions to maximize your sleep habits:

  • Create a consistent bedtime

    If you work with your natural biorhythm, 10 PM is the time your body naturally shifts to encourage sleep so it can do its internal housekeeping Unrealistic for you right now? Determine the time you usually go to bed and create your bedtime by rolling it back by 30 minutes. Do this for two weeks and roll it back again by 30 minutes. Repeat until you are waking up in the morning on your own, without the assistance of an alarm clock. Lower all the lights in the house as it gets darker outside including the brightness on your laptop, cellphone and TV. This will enable you to sync with your natural biorhythm and make sleep easier to ease into.

  • Give yourself a 5-minute bedtime foot massage

    Massaging the feet with a warmed oil soothes and relaxes your nervous system and makes sleep easier to surrender to.

  • Sleep with a weighted blanket

    According to Psychology Today, anxiety can intrude on sleep at any age; kids have this sleep issue, as do many adults. It can occur for all kinds of reasons, from environmental and circumstantial stressors to physical and psychological conditions. Recently, some people who struggle with sleep-related anxiety have found that weighted blankets can be useful.

  • Keep it dark & cool

    Consider blackout window coverings, eye masks and cool room temperature for an optimum sleep setting.

  • Hot flashes waking you up?

    Avoid alcohol, red meat, hot spices & fermented foods.

  • Try meditating daily

    Meditation drains the stress out of your nervous system and improves the quality of your sleep. There’s a lot of research behind this fact.

What works for you? Leave a comment below so we can all learn from each other. Wishing you optimal wellness & well-being,

Author Biography

Lynn Wachman is an Ayurvedic practitioner who is uniquely able to bridge the divide between the worlds of western and eastern medicine in order to enable her clients to achieve optimal wellness. She has worked with large groups in institutional settings such as the Jewish General Hospital, as well as with individual clients in person or online.

Lynn trained as a nurse at John Abbott College and the University of Montreal, where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree. Lynn worked as a registered nurse for twenty-five years in a wide range of areas some of which included: cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, cancer management, and in the neonatal ICU. In 2009, she began a journey to expand her expertise through intensive immersion in eastern medicine. She worked with various experts in the field including the well-known Ayurvedic practitioner and educator Anita Sharma, author and director of Ecole Satyam de Hatha Yoga Herve Blondon, and physician and director of the New World Ayurveda School, Dr. Paul Dugliss.

Lynn has been a practicing Ayurveda practitioner for 10 years and lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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