If you are a photographer, stylist or anyone who works in a creative field that would benefit from sharing their photos on Pinterest then you need to get the plug in for WordPress called "Pin It on Pinterest" .  We here at WIBN have it and find it really easy to us.

Here is a great post link that tells you exactly what you need to do to get this application complete with video and instructions. 

Here is link to the plug in. 

The down side to the plug in is that it is fairly basic – once you add a Pinterest to your post a little icon appears at the bottom of your post to pin it.  I wish it would also appear at the top of the post as well. Also it appears to have effected what images will show up when I post the Facebook – i.e. the image within the post is not an option for posting. Seems like a possible bug with at least my site. So I have uninstalled and instead chosen to to use "Sharing is Caring" Social Media buttons plug in that easily allow me to pin my posts (or have others pin my posts). 

There is a lot written about how Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm, saying that it is creating traffic impressions better then Linked In and Google + combined. I also hear it is great for your SEO.

I personally love using Pinterest , the site is great eye candy and a favourite amongst women 25+. I do find it inspiring for my work as a blogger and marketing professional as well as for my own hobbies.

I am finding a lot of Facebook users and my "friends" are signing up for Pinterest more so then I have seen sign up with Twitter. 

I am looking forward to seeing how Pinterest will continue to grow and what issues might arise as it takes off.

  • Are you on Pinterest?
  • Are you using it as part of your marketing strategy to promote your business?
  • Are you seeing results?
  • What do you love about Pinterest?
  • What do you see as the limitations?


Here’s to hope your site is getting lots of pins.