Disruptively whipping the web into submission

Some people compare the web to the Wild West, with a million corners left yet to explore. Adventure is intoxicating in and of itself and if you’re into that kind of thing, get ready to up your game. I predict a huge need for high-tech lassos and whips.
I’m a more of content addict though – rich, meaty content that I can enjoy, learn from and share. It’s all about exploring the unknown and letting our desire to learn lead the way to professional satisfaction. This is what a DotCominatrix does best and what my goals are for the WIBN.
Before you get your knickers in a knot of confusion, have a closer look at what you stand to gain.
Acquiring new skills
That fancy dancy smartphone with all of its slick apps isn’t the only thing that gets stale. Your skills need updating too. Maybe you’re a marketer who needs the inside scoop on Google’s game-changing tactics or a designer who’s ready to up your game – but needs tools to make you more efficient. 
Throughout 2012, we’ll be hosting a bevy of online and face to face educational events (like our Idea Factory) designed to help you improve your skills. Unlike other digital networks that connect you to brands but don’t add to your professional toolbox, we vow to give you what you need to grow your skill set.
Resource sharing
The WIBN has spent a year building an online platform that excels in delivering what you want. But we’re taking satisfaction to a new level this year. Our editorial calendarreflects our focus on professional and entrepreneurial women who are driven to deliver excellence. Our expert bloggers understand the importance of mentoring and sharing.
To foster further sharing, we will be announcing a Board of Directors for WIBN. Our board will keep us focused on what our membership wants and the best ways to deliver it. Stay tuned on this one!
If I tried to thank each of my mentors for their contributions to my career, I would spend the rest of life on my knees. I’m pretty sure that would make each one angry though because it’s not why they mentored me. They mentored me to help me succeed. And to pay it forward to others in need.
This year we’re going to invest heavily into mentoring programs, both online and off, formal and informal. We know that helping our members connect helps both the mentor and the mentee. Expect BIG mentoring news with our 2012 Conference.
Not sure if you’re a mentor or a menthe? We’ll answer those questions in an upcoming post ~ The Fine Art of Mentoring.
My mom used to tell me it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. While I think skills are hugely important (see above), I’ve benefited more than once being in the right place at the right time with the right people. Sometimes we can try and try and try but satisfaction remains just beyond our reach.
Networking opens minds as much as it opens doors. WIBN has always made time for you to connect and interact with other attendees at our events but we’re taking it up a notch this year. At some of our events, we’ll be introducing you to our brand sponsors, without which much of the work we do would be impossible. But let’s be clear – we work with brands to create opportunities, not to fill up your swag bag.
By the way, mentoring and networking are interchangeable terms for many professionals. Working with others who need a hand up means you’ll have a friend when you might need a hand up. See how beautifully that works?
What does 2012 look like for you? We hope it’s the year you invest in bulking up your skill set, filling up the professional toolbox and getting out there to meet people who can help you use both more effectively.
The WIBN team is here to serve you – but we can’t do it without your feedback.
I hope you’ll let me know where and how I can improve WIBN’s value offering, if I hit the mark or miss it by a long shot.
Please reach out to me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (whichever one works best for you) or leave a comment below and let’s work together for a better you and a more connected network of smart, collaborative women.