I am beyond honoured to have served my community for the last ten years. Ten years of seeing you grow, ten years of supporting your challenges. I have laughed and cried with you. Always remember we are in this together. To celebrate this I am offering 25% off both our mentorship programs. That’s a savings of $75 on the yearly program and $198.75 on the LIFETIME membership with one year of mentoring.

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Let’s look at how to choose your mentor and some tips for maintaining a successful mentor-mentee relationship.

  1. Choose the right mentor. There are professionals at the peak of their game across every industry. When choosing a mentor, there are several important points to consider. What’s your personality and what’s the personality of the person you’re thinking of for a mentor? What are your SMART short and long-term goals? Does this person have the expertise in the areas that you’re looking to grow? Do your values align? Is the person willing and able to help? Not because someone is successful means they can and will be your mentor. If the time doesn’t allow them to commit, this can derail any mentor-mentee relationship. These questions are important because they lay the foundation for compatibility.

  2. Outline expectations for both parties. Setting expectations at the beginning of the mentorship helps to keep you on track. What are you hoping to achieve from the relationship? How would you like your mentor to help you? Is there a specific time period you’d like to work together? And what roles will you be playing to keep your side of the bargain?

  3. Pace yourself. Once you’ve selected your mentor, you might be raring to go but give each other time to warm up to the relationship. This way, it will be reciprocal and mutually beneficial.

  4. Help your mentor help you. Be hungry to learn and to grow in the mentor-mentee relationship. Show respect for your mentor’s time by working out the logistics of meetings, taking initiative in keeping track of your key deliverables, and providing the necessary follow up.

  5. Be open to feedback. Whether it’s a raving review or constructive criticism on how you can improve, be open to having honest conversations with your mentor. Had a big win or loss? Share it. Your mentor can help you translate the lessons from experiences that didn’t go as planned, and can help you re-engineer the route to success.

  6. Have fun! The whole point of having a mentor is to ensure you have someone in your corner to get you out of your comfort zone, to have an accountability partner, and someone to lift you higher. Whether it’s a quick pow-wow or a celebratory meeting, your mentor-mentee relationship should bring a smile to your face and leave you feeling more empowered and accomplished.


Mentorship should set you up for success and elevate you personally and professionally. If the right foundation is not in place and lines are blurred, it can lead to disappointment. In order to get the most out of a mentor-mentee relationship, start by choosing the right mentor, setting expectations, pacing yourself to get familiar with the mentor, and playing an active role in the relationship.



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