Martha Trahan, CNP, PTS, PnL1 coach

Martha is an experienced, goal-driven professional with a love for continuous learning and self-improvement. After building a successful career in Operations and Logistics, Martha realized her passion was in helping others to be healthy and fit. She made the brave decision to follow her dreams and refocus on expanding her expertise in nutrition and fitness. She earned her designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she graduated with First Class Honours. She also earned her Personal Training Specialist and Precision Nutrition Coach certifications.

In April 2020 Martha launched, a nutrition and fitness coaching practice in Toronto focusing on women’s wellness. Drawing from her own personal expertise as a mother of 2 combined with her knowledge of holistic nutrition and fitness, Martha provides caring, personalized support educating, guiding, and motivating women to become the healthiest, fittest versions of themselves.

Martha is a proud mom of 2. Her children are her biggest source of inspiration, motivation, and sometimes perspiration. When not chasing after them, she is an avid long-distance runner who completed her first marathon at age 40. Her goal is to run the International Rome Marathon before her 45th birthday.

Why do you think mentorship is crucial to the success of a professional or entrepreneurial woman? What advice would you give to a woman who needs a mentor?

I think Mentorship is a catalyst for positive transformation. Whether it is a personal or professional goal, the right mentor can be a driver of exponential growth.

What qualities do you think a mentor needs to create a good relationship with their mentee?

I think a mentor should be a role model, natural coach, knowledgeable, a really great listener and communicator, compassionate and at the same time determined to drive action.

What qualities does a mentee need to succeed?

In order to succeed a mentee needs to be hungry for learning, a great listener, and an active participant in whatever conversation they have with their mentor. And then be ready to take action, even if that feels scary.

What is the best advice your mentor has given to you?

The best advice I’ve received is to be kind to myself. Being an entrepreneur is a life full of ‘fits and starts’ and you need to allow yourself to fail in order to learn and still not give up – being consistent is key.

You are quotable! What wise words would you like to share?

Put your wellbeing first. When we feel healthy, energetic, optimistic, everyone around us benefits too.

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