We are beyond thrilled to announce our new Women in Biz Network mentor. Andrea Ivanka joined WIBN as a member in 2018. After getting to know Andrea I just knew she would make an incredible mentor. Andrea’s mentorship will focus on the area of sales and business development. We are so happy to have her on board and thank her for commitment and “give back” to the women’s entrepreneurial and professional community. If you are thinking of starting a business, own a business or are employed in a sales position Andrea will be a huge asset to you! Interested in becoming a member and having access to our advisory board of members? Learn more here.

If you are interested in a one on one mentor match learn more here. 

Andrea will be our lead mentor and presenter in April 2020! You can learn more about our events here. 

Meet your Women in Biz Network Sales and Business Development Mentor!

Tell us about your business

The most rewarding aspect of coaching women entrepreneurs and leaders is watching the ripple effect: as their confidence grows and they create the revenue they desire, there’s this beautiful unfolding of feminine energy in the business world. This makes a difference first and foremost for the woman herself – to see herself as capable, confident, and successful. Watching that transformation happen – no matter how successful someone already is – is something that drives me to continually grow and improve myself as a coach. Because it matters. I truly believe that if you are alive now, in this moment, that it matters. That you matter. And that’s why at the heart of it I do what I do. If I can empower women to own their voice, own their message and be paid what they’re worth, I get to be a part of a transformation in business that’s happening all over the world. Right now.


Andrea Ivanka is best known for helping her clients with high-conversion enrollment & sales strategies that feel genuine and authentic. As a business coach and mentor, she focuses on personal growth and leadership, providing her clients with practical strategies to shape, grow, and leverage a business that resonates with who they are. She is the creator of The Authentic Conversion System, The I-CARED High Ticket Conversion Blueprint and founder of Total Boss Club, energizing a like-minded community of women to uplevel their business and their life.

An international Speaker and Business Coach, Andrea comes from a background that has always included educating and empowering aspiring female entrepreneurs and business leaders. She’s always been fascinated with what differentiates the successful from the less-successful.

She has served over 1000 clients, spoken to over 10,000 people worldwide, been on TV shows, and shared the stage with media tycoons, multi-millionaires and A-list celebrities. The person you see on the big stage is the same humble person you’ll meet at a coffee shop. She stands for authenticity, integrity and fun.

Andrea firmly holds the vision of her clients being powerful, unstoppable and capable of achieving anything they set their minds to. She is committed to their growth and knows that with empowered leadership, the world will change – one person, one company – at a time. She is Board Certified as a Trainer of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), NLP Coach Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, and Timeline Therapy™ Trainer.
When she realized many of her female clients weren’t creating the success they wanted while using business teachings derived from a traditional masculine perspective, she set out to take an integrated approach to help her clients align their businesses with who they are. Since then, her clients’ results have exploded! Now, she’s on a mission to share this connected leadership approach with as many people as possible.

Andrea loves travelling by train, adores Mexican food, and can say “Thank-you” in at least eight different languages. Her guilty pleasure: Korean dramas. Feel free to say on Facebook or Twitter @AndreaIvanka. She’d love to hear from you! Learn more about Andrea at www.andreaivanka.com

What is your favourite piece of business advice?

One of the best pieces of advice that I’ve received is to stop lone-wolfing it. It’s so easy to have a mentality like “It’s easier for me to just get this done myself.” But at the end of the day (as I’ve learned!) it just leads to overwhelm, burnout and frustration.

So two things:

First, make sure you have the right team – whether you’re starting with outsourcing or hiring, but get support with the things that drain your energy and make you tear your hair out.

Second, be a part of a community where you can grow and learn as well – where there are people who hold the bar high for you to up-level and see you as fully capable and able to accomplish what you desire with your life. If you have to invest to be a part of that community – do it. I can say wholeheartedly that this is what’s made the biggest difference for me. Anyone can learn tactics and strategy, but it’s worth the world when you can find a like-minded community who will lift you up and stretch you to grow.

What hobbies are you currently exploring?

Right now I’m currently enjoying some time off travelling! I’ve been back and forth from San Diego 7x in the last 8 months and that included a road-trip from Toronto to San Diego of 7 weeks away from home. So now it’s all about re-grounding myself with some self care, yoga and getting ready for a new year.

Visit with Andrea’s website at www.andreaivanka.com and connect on facebook and LinkedIn