We are so thrilled to announce our new PR Mentor Mentor Kimesha Walters, founder of Oasis Integrated Communications. We can’t wait for you to get to know her.  Welcome, Kimesha

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Mentor Biography

Kimesha Walters is the CEO of Oasis Integrated Communications, a PR firm with operations in Canada and Jamaica, and a focus on helping businesses to find their paradise. She’s a seasoned PR professional with a passion for crafting meaningful stories that connect with people.

An eternal optimist who thrives on perfecting solutions that marry creative brand experience with consumer engagement, she believes in tapping into the core values of a company and tailoring strategies that share their narrative and find affinity. Her experience spans public relations, corporate communications, marketing, social media and advertising across a range of industries. She has executed projects in Toronto, New York, and Jamaica where she has deftly managed some of the foremost brands across North America and the Caribbean.

When she’s not busy helping businesses find their paradise, she’s highly engaged with community development initiatives, soaking up scenic views across the globe, and refining her photography skills to capture the world’s natural splendour.


Why do you think mentorship is crucial to the success of a professional or entrepreneurial woman? What advice would you give to a woman who needs a mentor?

Mentorship is a two-way street, and it offers tremendous benefits to both the mentor and the mentee. Women entrepreneurs bring strength, resilience, innovation, and focus to business and when a woman moves, she brings others along the journey. That said, it is important to use mentorship as a vehicle to expand your network and net worth, improve your skills and expertise. I’ve had mentors at every stage of my life and I would highly recommend young women find the right mentor to guide them towards their goals. The right mentor has years of experience and knowledge, they are generally more attuned to the specific industry and can provide perspective to tackle your goals effectively and avoid inertia.


What qualities do you think a mentor needs to create a good relationship with their mentee?

A good mentor is one who is:
• Flexible
• Honest
• Emphatic
• Knowledgeable
• Respectful
• Resourceful
• Successful in their field/career
• A good listener/sounding board
• Respectful of diversity of perspectives
• Non-judgmental
• Able to give constructive feedback
• Willing/able to devote time to developing others
• Eager to learn and share

What qualities does a mentee need to succeed?

Mentees need to be:
• Organised
• Proactive
• Responsible
• Flexible
• Persistent
• Honest
• Enthusiastic
• Willing to work hard
• Open to learning
• Committed to learning and growing
• Open to communicating with their mentor
• Respectful of their mentor’s boundaries

What is the best advice your mentor has given to you?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”– Joseph Campbell.


You are quotable! What wise words would you like to share?

Mentorship is like a moving sidewalk that takes you from where you are right now to where you dare dream. It eases you along ever so gently, gives you momentum, provides a welcome break from struggling, and gives you a pep in your step.





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