I am thrilled to introduce Women in Biz Network Member
Phyllis Cohen

Tell us about your business

I’m Phyllis Cohen, The Canadian Pronunciation Coach, a motivating educator on a mission to help speakers of English as a Second Language speak English with clarity for the job search, the workplace and everyday interactions through accent management and communication skills. I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Clients are individuals. So whether working one-on-one or with very small groups (no more than four participants), I provide personalized attention and customized training. I love what I do and the energy, curiosity and commitment that my clients bring. I love to watch their self-confidence grow as their speaking skills improve. My sessions are intensive and joyful. So I hope you’ll check me out on The Canadian Pronunciation Coach YouTube channel.


I feel fortunate to be able to bring a diverse background to my clients. As a Hollywood theatre award-winning actor and singer, I brought my knowledge of the voice and interpretation skills to undergraduate and graduate students at York University in Toronto, where I taught for many years. I also taught a private course for people who were told they were tone-deaf. By the end of that course, every one of them stood up and sang successfully in front of the others. But after spending much of my life in the world of music and theatre, I realized that what I loved most of all was the “music of language.” So after being certified to teach ESL to adults in 2002, and working with various corporations and government/intergovernmental agencies, I chose to specialize in English pronunciation. Sharing my knowledge of vocal mechanics, understanding of musical dynamics and expertise in presentation skills, I knew I’d found the perfect fit!

What are your favourite business tools and books?

I have too many to name, but I’ll give it a go. In fiction, I love the entire Harry Potter series. It’s life-affirming, emotionally authentic and so imaginative. I also love “The Essex Serpent,” which has great strong female characters and paints such a vivid picture of the English Victorian countryside that you feel like you’re living the book rather than reading it. In non-fiction, “Ego is the Enemy” provides powerful tools for redemption and living life and work with humility, love and focus.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

Breathe deeply. Meditate daily. Believe in yourself and live in humility. Look for a “middle way” in all things. Remember that every failure is just another lesson learned and that every moment is an education. Take small steps and congratulate yourself on each little success along the way. And, above all else, don’t give up when the going gets rough.

I am interested and available to mentor on the following topics:

Connect on Twitter @PhyllisIsTheCPC and at www.canadianpronunciationcoach.com and on facebook on LinkedIn