I am very excited to introduce the lovely Michele Francis, one of our newest Women in Biz Network (WIBN) Members! We are so excited to see what Michele will be developing and look forward to supporting her as she grows her business. Having recently met Michele I can tell you she is creative, warm and has a great sense of humour. I know this lady is going to take the business world with her strong work ethic and passion to make a difference. Welcome, Michele! Let’s Learn about Michele now.

Tell us about yourself

My passion is seeking the funny in the mundane, finding the remarkable in the ordinary, looking for the heart in the day to day and using these to craft stories. But I also have an entrepreneur inside me who is dying to get out. I have been blessed with my career in film and television, and it has given me an insight into a kind of storytelling that I believe can be empowering for all of us. I think what excites me about starting a business is the opportunity to make something of my own and see it grow and blossom in a way that films don’t have the ability to do.

Coming from the film industry, I don’t mind long hours and hard work, and now I relish the opportunity to direct it towards something of my own that I hope will grow from there.

I am a single mom with two amazing little people who challenge me every day, and my motivation is also driven by them. I want to show them that … (okay… here comes the corny bit…) that doing the stuff that scares you is the roadmap to achieving your goals and your dreams. I want them to see me fulfilled and prospering, rather than overworked and stuck.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

I would say for myself, recognizing my weaknesses in a business context and taking steps to get help and support in those areas will be key. Which is why I am here. 🙂

Interested in meeting Michele and gaining the support of an amazing network of women?

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