What is the most rewarding aspect of your current career?

The most rewarding aspect of having my own business is that I’m constantly learning, and not in a school environment. I’m amazed by how much I learn from each client, and about myself, as well. I always thought autonomy drove my desire to work for myself, and it did, at the beginning. Today however, apart from motherhood, Successiory has taught me more, and more quickly, about empathy, compassion, self care, business and ethics, and who I am, than anything else. As an ecologist (and introvert), I relished escaping people through nature, but here, I realized that I love people, even if I still need a lot of alone time. My talks, as a speaker, are actually born of these experiences.

Official Crystal:

Crystal-Marie Sealy, MBA, dedicated mom, keynote speaker and entrepreneurial strategy consultant. As a speaker and consultant, I’m focused on sustainable business models for entrepreneurs and leadership professionals. As president and founder of Successiory, my signature “Mindful Entrepreneurship for Mindful Affluence™, serves professionals who want to build sustainable (livable) business models around their lifestyles, and create sustainable client community on social media.

I speak and deliver workshops at business events and motivational conferences on authenticity, entrepreneurial strategy for pricing, process, feasible schedules, and client social media community. As a woman, I’m exploring femininity, and that has shifted everything from my well-being, to my approach to business.
I invite, rather than direct. I hold space rather than manage the conversation. Self care is no longer selfish, and I don’t have to save the world, as I honour individual sovereignty.

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What the best piece of advice you have received lately?

“Don’t let people take up real estate in your mind. They can’t pay enough to be there.” — K.B.

(Paraphrased) ‘If what you focus on expands, then what do you want more of in the world?’ — Oprah

Both important to me because my self-talk can get pretty less than lovely on not so great days, and how I affect others’ lives has always been a paralyzing aspect of perfectionism for me. If I create my reality, based on what I focus on, then while I agree we must face all emotions, I don’t have to dwell most often in the negative. Far better to focus on all I want, love and celebrate, than the opposite. On the days that I forget that it helps to have these reminder lessons to fall back on.

What are you currently exploring and enjoying? (Book, Volunteer Activity, Trip, Class, Training, Hobby, Exercise etc)?

I’m honestly currently enjoying mothering my 2-year-old and learning about gentle, responsive, attachment parenting. I have to say, nothing before this made me see just how capable I am. I look back now and wonder why I ever thought I was too busy or tired before! And that’s after I migrated solo at age 23, switched careers from ecology to strategy, did my MBA, started a business ~10 years ago, all while continuing a somewhat professional dance career and insisting I do it all on my own! Being her mother has made me realize how much I had held back, simply because there’s no holding back with her. Life is beautiful. #AlwaysLearning

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