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BeNovel Inc. is a marketing consulting company with services shaped around the needs of businesses, self-publishers or non-profit groups in three ways:
• High-level strategic planning to set the direction and close scrutiny to oversee the execution.
• Platform development for key installations such as a new website or CRM system to integrate with sales.
• Individual project design, campaign development or product launches.
All programs and services are developed to ensure target audiences have a strong connection to the brand and highly motivated to make a purchase.
BeNovel brings all the important ingredients of marketing together, breathing life and excitement into product and service offers.


Beth Craig started BeNovel Inc. with a drive to help businesses, self-publishers and non-profit organizations succeed through strong marketing strategies and initiatives. The tagline, Marketing That Clicks, speaks to a broader perspective of mapping marketing programs that are truly connected to business objectives. While this may seem obvious, marketing is all too often done without proper connection to sales or with a weak link to overall goals. Marketing clicks when it makes sense on all levels. That may include a knockout social media strategy or incredible website. Above all, it clicks when the brand message comes through, captivating audiences over the long-haul, and when initiatives are coupled with well thought-out sales tools.
Beth brings a vast array of accomplishments to the table from working with corporations such as General Motors of Europe and Scholastic Canada, as well as leadership in a mid-sized B2B company.
At the core of Beth’s marketing-savvy nature is a combination of a creative and analytical thought-process that fuel her passion for clever ideas. While she has co-authored two books and is rarely without a pen in-hand or fingers on a keyboard composing content, Beth still considers herself as a strategist and enthusiastic thinker first and foremost.

What are your favourite business tools and books?

A powerful CRM system – one that connects sales and marketing to better service customers while achieving efficiency for a profitable business.

What advice would you give to other business owners?

While it is important for your brand message to be singularly focused, your marketing efforts should have multiple levels well-connected to your brand. Budget for frequency among your target audience, as well as substance.

I am interested and available to mentor on the following topics:


Publishing a book

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