Marc Salzman
If you’ve got cost-cutting on the brain, you’re going to love Microsoft Saves You Money. Microsoft Canada has partnered up with North American tech journalist Marc Saltzman to share a bunch of practical and proven ideas to bring down the costs of IT and boost your productivity using modern tech. Each episode of Microsoft Saves You Money combines short videos, snappy articles, smart tips, trial versions of software and more – all designed with your bottom line in mind.

We have five episodes of Microsoft Saves You money ready to go with more on the way.

Episode 1: How to get Microsoft Office and email for a lot less than you think
Did you know that you can subscribe monthly to Office 365 and get full, installed versions of the best apps for business on up to five PCs or Macs? Plus, Microsoft will host your email in the cloud and guarantee 99.9% uptime. And your subscription will also include 1 TB of data storage per user.

Episode 2: How to reduce your IT costs, fast!
This episode shares a whack of best practices to reduce your IT costs and benefit from modern solutions. From consolidating IT licenses and eliminating old servers to simplifying device management, discover seven areas of potential cost savings.

Episode 3: How to market your business on a shoestring budget
Marketing is hugely important, but often challenging for cash-conscious small and medium-sized businesses. If you have low to no marketing budget, this episode offers some super cost-effective promotional tactics and strategic upgrades to consider that will help you attract customers.

Episode 4: How to upgrade your business’ digital security for free
If you’re concerned with the potential business impact of cyber threats, this episode is for you. Find out how a free (yes, free) upgrade to Windows 10 will immediately and dramatically improve your business’ digital security – and improve your computing experience, too.

Episode 5: How to avoid downtime, data loss and costly hacks

This episode explores how a move to the cloud using Microsoft Azure (Microsoft’s cost-effective and powerful cloud toolkit for businesses) can help safeguard your business from costly and disruptive cyber-threats and keep you online in case of disaster.

In the coming months, we’ll be rolling out additional episodes of Microsoft Saves You Money. We hope you find this content useful and invite you to share your feedback—and your ideas for future episodes—on our social network pages.