DWalsh-headshotTell us about your business.

I’m an integrative health coach. I support women who are stretching beyond their comfort zone to explore what authentic leadership means to them. Sometimes it’s growing into new responsibilities and sometimes it’s being more real and present to what’s already there. I help them connect inwardly and mindfully to move forward through the “not knowing” to a place of embracing their power with resiliency, all the while keeping them off the “crazy train” of stress.

What one word best describes your business style and why?

Compassion. Most of my clients come to me with a long list of goals. That’s why they’re stressed! We create a compassionate space of calm and clarity to get to the heart of everything and work from there.

Why are you attending the conference/retreat?Chameleon Logo

I love the energy of this group of women. Stylish, savvy, and business-minded – an unstoppable combination!

What’s your best business advice we can share with other conference attendees?

Don’t spend time looking for a roadmap. There is no roadmap.

Check in with yourself and notice where you feel energy and which clients bump up your energy. Do what you do for the people who love it most.

What makes you and or your business special?

My business brings evolving leaders and entrepreneurs an edge – calm focus they can depend on. I help my clients tweak their nutrition, exercise and sleep away from energy draining to energy sustaining. What’s making those tweaks so effective, like a foundation of strength, is mindfulness. My clients learn to calm their minds and bodies with simple, targeted mindfulness practices that build focus and connection. Then we add coaching to bring out their thinking and see where we can eliminate stress at the source.

My personal special edge is kindness, humour and realness. I’m there with you all the time, as your biggest booster, your reality check and as a fellow evolving entrepreneur.