I first met Brenda at a networking event in 2012 and we had a great conversation about Brenda’s fascinating career path. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet her again until recently when she joined us at the WIBN Member Appreciation Event. As a new member and also a showcase exhibitor of our conference we had the chance to get to know each other a bit better. I was soothed by Brenda’s calm and collected  presence and knew instantly she must have the same effect on her clients! Here is my interview with Brenda:


blue-headshotWhat is the number one thing you think your organization can provide professional and entrepreneurial women?

More Money, Clients, Fulfillment and FUN. I get how much of a struggle it can be to put yourself out there as a business. When it comes to the thought of making 6 figures and beyond, it can feel almost impossible – especially when your business is based on your purpose and what you love to do. There’s the push-pull of the need to make an income, the fear that comes up around being seen and heard, and the self-sabotage that blocks you when you start to play BIG. I can guide you because I’ve done it myself – I’m a single mom and I’ve reached 6 figures by doing ALL of what I love. I specialize in helping spiritual women entrepreneurs to birth ALL of yourself fully into your marketing, sales and services for more money, clients and fulfillment.

What is your favourite business book?

I love “Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman and Dwayne Packer. Not exactly a business book, but an excellent book for those of us who are spirit-driven and want to create lots of money through our businesses.

Also, “The 7 Graces of Marketing” by Lynn Serafinn, a friend and colleague of mine in the UK who is brilliant at helping authors have best-selling books. Her principles are about marketing ethically in a way that enriches all of us. Knowing her personally, I can tell you she is authentic and lives from her heart, as well as being an amazing online marketing expert.

What piece of advice would you like to share with our community?

2 pieces of advice.

1. Going it alone is NOT the way. I’m a single mom and I’ve learned the hard way to surround myself with high level coaching, Team, colleagues and friends, and to stop trying to be Superwoman.

2. If you have a business or a business idea that feels ridiculous or too weird, woo woo or out there, and you’re feeling like “who am I to do this” – don’t let anybody stop you. Hire a high level business coach and DO IT. You and your gifts are needed in the world NOW and the most powerful thing you can do is bring ALL of you into your business and make it successful, profitable and FUN.

What is your favourite online business tool and why?

Infusionsoft!!! It allows you to create a more satisfying experience for your community, your clients and YOU. It’s your email service, shopping cart, affiliate program, CRM and more all rolled into one. I’m just getting started with it and can’t wait to dive into it with my upcoming Wealthy Wise Women Success Circle online event.

Visit Brenda at the 2013 Women in Biz Network conference on Monday, April 15th, 2013. See you soon Brenda!

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