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What if...

…you could turn your business into a 6 or 7 figure operation and become the success story you see others living?
…you found out that it was only YOU and your big “BUT” that was getting in the way of YOUR success?
…I told you I could help YOU get out of your own way and
onto the path to a successful business?

When You're Stuck

it feels absolutely horrible – but what happens if you don’t do anything? Here’s what happens: Nothing. That’s right, as long as you keep doing what you’re doing, you can be sure to get more of the same. Nothing more.

Are you willing...?

Let's be honest

Are you:

checkOverwhelmed by what you don’t know?
checkFighting your own demons?
checkStuck in your business and don’t know what your next step is?
checkStruggling with the dreaded “sales” conversation?

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Most businesses fail

I will teach you how

…so you can make serious money and
live your dream life!

It’s not my first time around the block!
I built my first business in the midst of an economic crisis in the 90s. I grew that business into a 7-figure success – selling to people working in an industry going bankrupt! Why?? Because I had the right Mindset, Motivation … and someone to show me how.

I've taken exactly what's made me successful
and put it together for you to use. I’ll give it to ya straight so you don’t waste more time doing things that DON’T work!

I’ve heard (and experienced!) every excuse in the book, so if you think you’ve got a special reason why you CAN’T succeed, I’m here to tell you it just ain’t true. You CAN have what you want and I’ll show you how.


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Really? Come on now! I can’t believe that! Well…maybe my tribe of PROFIT DOMINATION CLUB ALUMNI AND GRADUATES CAN CONVINCE YOU?

Profit Domination Club

Monica & Alpha Romeo Blackburn Jason Reid Leigh Fowler
“…After meeting Odette, I (Alpha) was able to leave my full-time job, and after I left my full-time job, we were able to double our income, and then triple!” Watch Monica & Alpha’s video testimonial! “Before I started working with Odette my brand was lame-o, same-o. My ideal clients were less than ideal…” Watch Jason Reid’s video testimonial! “Odette and I worked on a strategy and action plan that helped me triple my revenue in less than 6 weeks…” Watch Leigh Fowler’s video testimonial!
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master your mindset
arrowBECOME clear on the “why” of what you’re doing!
arrowSQUASH your fears & self-defeating beliefs, get out of your own way!
arrowCHANGE that voice in your head and your inner dialogue!
realize your marketing
arrowCRAFT a killer message so people get what you do.
arrowACHIEVE clarity on your ideal clients and where they are.
arrowATTRACT clients, keep them and bring in new ones!
dominate your money and profits
arrowFIND the money! Invest in your business.
MANAGE the money once you have it! Take charge of your finances.
arrowCONTROL your finances – not the other way around.

dont you think its time?
to STOP MAKING EXCUSES and face your fears?

dont you think its time?
to finally Dominate Your Profits and TAKE REAL ACTION?

listen to your gut

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