Session: What’s Your Why…. How your Story becomes Your Mission



Athena Taddei is the Co-founder of WiseMouth Media Inc. and the President of Little Fish Big pond Inc.

After two decades of successfully providing workshops/seminars and marketing/business development solutions for brands such as: UPS Customer Solutions | Global Program Management, Landscape Ontario, Opportunity International Canada, HomeWell Senior Care, Older Adults Association of Ontario, Performins Canada Inc., Framing & Art Centres and Awareness Corporation, Athena felt the need to give back to society. So together with her business partner, they co-founded WiseMouth Media Inc and developed a non-judgmental on-line space that allows all people, regardless of status or age a free place to come to, so that they can deposits bits of their wisdom, insights and experiences for the purpose of social good.

Athena believes in the power of ordinary people because they live lives that are extraordinary, so she continues to work with individuals and smaller organizations that want to foster authentic community engagement.

How does your business help?

Being raised in a Greek home, where women were treated just a little differently, I had something to prove. So with that frustration and motivation, I developed a company that helped the underdog, the smaller business, and the ones that didn’t get support from anywhere else. Through that wonderful journey, I learned so much from others and they, so much from me. Together there was an exchange of extraordinary wisdom from us ordinary people that undeniable and powerful. This is why WiseMouth™ Media Inc. exists.

Throughout the course of life we learn a few things and when we do we can’t help but share those things with the people around us. It’s not enough to learn valuable insights from our own lives and businesses through our successes and shortcomings, but learning equally from the successes and short coming of those who have crossed our paths is what makes us really WISE. It’s from the experiences of others that we gain wisdom, explore deep insights, share feeling, feel memories and communicate alternative philosophies. It’s because of others that we become more well rounded and better able to appreciate life and all that the world has to offer.

WiseMouth™ was created to allow ordinary people a place and community to express their extraordinary wisdom and stories with the world.

What is your favourite business tool?

My favourite business tool is coffee! It gets you kicking in the morning, provides you with a break when you need some “me” time or time to brainstorm, it acts as a prop when meeting with new people and gives you a reason to gather with others and listen.

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