If you build it, they will come

Wouldn’t it be great if everything you did in business delivered more customers, brought in more revenue and sowed the seeds for a profitable future. It would also be great if the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow lived under my bed.

Networking at a WIBN ConferenceIf you’re an entrepreneur, you know that building something is no guarantee of success. Sometimes our days can feel a lot more like busy-ness fueled by starry-eyed passion than they do a success strategy. Can social media truly drive more traffic to my site and then help me convert the window shoppers into customers? Is networking (face to face or online) a smart use of my business building time? Do I really need to worry about branding when social media is supposed to be just talking to people?

Dreaming big dreams for your business keeps you inspired and moving forward but most dreams require a lot of hard work to come true. If you’re struggling with networking and new media, we’ve found some tips and tricks online this week to help.

The state of community management

As digital marketing expands, this role is deepening in importance. A new report examines the characteristics and responsibilities of this increasingly powerful position. Read more: Ragan.com

How men and women use social media differently

When it comes to social media, male and female behavior is very different. For instance, women do the bulk of Facebook sharing (62 percent), while more men are on LinkedIn than women (54 percent). Men also spend more time on YouTube each week than women, as guys clock an hour compared to 35 minutes for women. Read more: Entrepreneur.com.

Branding strategy | building a foundation on trust

Connected entrepreneursConversations in the online marketing arena have recently been heavily focused on supposedly “new” buzzwords, like content marketing, branding strategy and social relevance. Well, I’m sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but none of those are new concepts. Their current definitions may have adapted somewhat to encompass the nature of online marketing, but they’re still essentially the same they always were. Read more: Level343.com.


Blogging from an entrepreneur’s perspective

Without a doubt blogging takes time. It takes energy to create content, it takes time to research and it takes time to write. If you’re a entrepreneur with a daily to-do list as long as your arm, the last thing you want to do is update your blog. It may be you are a mumpreneur, juggling family as well as business. It could be you are an established business person with a strict routine, and you feel that blogging is someone else’s job. However, it might be your day’s most important task, so you shouldn’t skip it. Remember your blog posts are working for you 24/7, marketing your business when you are sleeping and when you are busy doing other tasks. Read more: SocialMedia2day.com.

10 Reasons to attend conferences – especially WIBN’s in Vancouver!

As a small business owner, conferences provide me a smorgasbord of opportunities to nurture business opportunities, acquire skills and grow my community – both professional and personal.Online vs face-to-face connections

Almost all of my clients in the past year have come from conference attendance (supported by social media before and after the event). Nothing will ever replace a handshake and getting out there and meeting people is the single most important activity small business owners can engage in. Read more: WomeninBizNetwork.com.

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